When you want lots of support fire, call on the Gunner. The Gunner's heavy machine guns can lay a pounding on the enemy. They may not be as accurate as your sniper rifles or the average assault rifle, but the gunner's guns can fight through an army with ammo left over.

Known Gunners:


Gunner Weapons
M240B LMG (GR2).png
The M240B LMG replaced the M60 in the U.S. Army. It is designed for heavy suppression fire and is fed from a 100-round box magazine.
Mk 46 SAW (GR2).png
Mk 46 SAW
The latest special-ops variant of the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, the Mk 46 has a high rate of fire and is fed from a 200-round belt.
M8 AR (GR2).png
The Automatic Rifle variant of the M8 rifle is fed from a 100-round drum magazine and features a heavy barrel for sustained fire.


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