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The Gyps is a transport helicopter fielded by the occupying forces and Ghosts on Auroa in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint.


The Gyps is a large, reinforced transport helicopter used to carry personnel and equipped with door mounted guns to fend off light threats.
- In-game Description

The Gyps has 6 seatings for a pilot, co-pilot, 2 gunners and 2 passengers. It has good handling ability and supremely good off-road ability due to it can fly, but its resistance is about average.

  • Engine power = 2200 kW
  • Top speed = 155 km/h
  • Torque = 315 Nm
  • Seats = 6
  • Armament = 2 (minguns mounted on both sides)


  • Standard
    • Desert
    • Hill
    • Snow
    • Jungle
  • Russian

Mk. II

The Gyps Mk. II is an up-armored variant of the standard helicopter model, yet also have the same number of 6 seatings. The weapon armament is modified with four heavy rockets split between the 2 pylons, in addition to the miniguns that remain unchanged. The 2 missiles from the 2 pylons can lock onto any vehicle and different drones.

  • Standard
    • Desert
    • Hill
    • Snow
    • Jungle
  • Flash
  • Terminator


During Operation Greenstone, the 32 men and women of the Ghosts under Nomad's command were on possibly 4 Gyps Mk. Is to get on to the island when aboard the USS Wasp. Meant to infiltrate the main island by air, their Gyps never made landfall as they were taken out by Legion drone swarms. All 4 Gyps crashed on to the ground and destroyed, yet Lt. Colonel Nomad, Midas, Holt, Vasily, Fixit, Fury and 2 male Ghosts surivived the crash. Although Weaver survived with the remaining soldiers but were ambushed by the Wolves, being the last of the survivors. Eventually, the Wolves stopped their attack and Cole D. Walker appeared behind him, saying, "Sorry, Weaver" before executing him with a headshot.

While Sentinel troops have Gyps all over the island, they only use them on Golem Island to guard those facilities. Although Walker uses a gyps MK II at the beginning of the game during the Mission eagles down this is the only gyps MK II found on the map. Notably this is the easiest way to kill walker


  • The Gyps appears to be based on elements taken from the NH-90, AW101 and HH-3-series transport helicopters.
  • Although the Gyps in game has 6 seats for the players. There are 2 more at the back, so each Gyps should be able to carry 8 people, which means it's the right number for 4 Gyps to carry that many Ghosts.


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