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Currently the HMMWV or High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle is the most widely used military light utility vehicle in the world. The HMMWV was designed by the AM General. Production of the baseline M998 commenced in 1981. Initial batch of these utility vehicles was delivered to the US Army in 1983. Eventually the HMMWVs replaced M151 series jeeps and some other US military vehicles and became the vehicular backbone of the US Forces. Over 160 000 of these light utility vehicles were built. Currently the HMMWV is in service with more than 50 countries. Its production still continues and improved versions of this tactical vehicle continue to emerge. Due to its popularity the HMMWV was excessively copied. Other manufacturers produce this light utility vehicle under license. Also there are a number of international variants and clones.

The M998 is a baseline vehicle of the HMMWV family. It was designed primarily for personnel and light cargo transport. This military vehicle can tow M1101, M1102, or similar trailers, as well as light artillery pieces, such as 120 mm mortars.

The M998 is powered by a Detroit Diesel 6.2-liter diesel engine, developing 130 hp. Engine is mated with an automatic transmission. The HMMWV vehicles are designed for use over all types of roads. All wheel drive, high power-to-weight ratio combining with high ground clearance give it good cross-country mobility. A wide track was designed to drive in tracks left by the main battle tanks. Vehicle is fitted with a central tyre inflation system, which is adjusted from the driver's station to suit various terrain conditions. A self-recovery winch is fitted on some models. The HMMWV, fitted with a deep-water fording kit, can ford water obstacles up to 1.5 m deep. Vehicle is air transportable and droppable from a variety of military transport aircraft. It can be carried underslung by some helicopters.

The Russians modeled it and made their own version called GAZ Tigr.


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