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The Incubus Mark I drone was designed by Jace Skell and re-parameterized by Cole D. Walker as the experimental archetype for future ground combat drones.


It is a training model used in all Skell test areas (mountain, jungle, fake cities, …) and for Wolves to learn to fight alongside drones in the field. It is armed with a heavy machine gun on the right and a grenade launcher on the left.


The Incubus drones are sometimes found with wolves, and when attacking, they will try to follow you, although it is not very efficient at climbing hills. After 5 failed attempts at climbing a hill, Incubus will back up and fire from there. The drones blind and disorient you, however only take advantage of your disorientation because it is easier to see rather than being blind.



  • The drone is named after an incubus, a minor demon in male form.
  • The concept art of the drone in Kingslayer Files/Operation: Oracle used to have 2 improved .50 cals, then in Breakpoint its changed to 1 .50 cal and a grenade launcher.


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