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Itacua is a province in Bolivia that is used to extract intel from enemies of the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel. It is controlled by security buchons, La Yuri and El Polito.

Itacua is described as:
"A once-peaceful province where the rebellion began."

It is bordered by San Mateo and P.N. De Agua Verde in the north, Ocoro in the east, La Cruz and Pucara in the south, and Barvechos in the west.

The following missions take place in Itacua:


Itacua is a fertile province with a temperate climate and a moderate relief. The Rio Uruqui borders it to the east. Fertile lands have allowed the development of a thriving agriculture based on cereals and cattle breeding. The capital, the small town of Khochi, is dedicated to the cultivation of cereals, which is also the case of the town of Buena Vida. The village of Pantoja is dedicated to breeding.

The province of Itacua was spared the invasion of the Santa Blanca. This haven of peace was the rallying of Bolivian cocaleros and other people persecuted by the cartel. Ignored by the Santa Blanca, which was busy fighting the Unitad, these fugitives got organized. They obtained more effective weapons than hunting shotguns. They dug for ammunition caches, equipment, and supplies. They also built shelters. They trapped ambush zones along the main roads and they trained tiressly. When the agreement was signed between the Bolivian government and the cartel, they refused to surrender. It was impossible for them that the struggle kept on in this way. The Mexican had to leave Bolivia, dead or alive.

The Rebellion launched raids against the Santa Blanca's facilities and sent detachments into the neighboring province of La Cruz. Taken by surprise, the cartel suffered some losses. Then Sueño asked La Plaga to handle it. At the head of his sicarios he entered Itacua where the fight keeps going on. Several months later, the rebellion still resists and Itacua has become a guerilla zone. The capital, Buena Vida, was partly destroyed by the fighting. The Culta village has been burnt by the sicarios, and Yopil's population has been kidnapped.

In the center of the province, La Plaga has built a fortified base from which colums of vehicles leave to harass rebels or rescue cartel outposts attacked by the rebels. The captured rebels were handed over to La Yuri and El Polito, who are responsible for torturing the captives to extract information on the leaders of the Rebellion


  • 2 Checkpoints
  • 2 Outposts
  • Atollo Farm
  • Baurecito Ruins
  • Bocca Farm
  • Buena Vida
  • Campo De Futbol El Yayo
  • Colque Ranch
  • Cotani
  • Culta
  • F.O.B. Armadillo
  • Hunt Lodge
  • Itacua Base
  • Khochi
  • La Casa Del Mexicano
  • Mendez Farm
  • Observation Post
  • Pantoja
  • Santa Catalina Chapel
  • Santa Maria
  • Sicario House
  • Vieja Granja
  • Yoril