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The old world is now obsolete; its foundational pillars human servitude. We've replaced slaves with machines.
- Jace Skell

Jace Skell is the CEO and founder of the blue chip company, Skell Technology.


Born in Denmark, Jace showed an early interest and skill in the science. He graduated MIT with degrees in Aeronautics and Astronautics and in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

After losing his wife during 9/11 attacks, he no longer wants to feel helpless in the face of the future. Therefore, he seeks an idyllic future for all mankind.


Jace Skell founded his startup, Skell Technology, in Silicon Valley in 1991 at the age of 21. Through investments funds, he quickly moved the company into drone development. More military contracts followed, but he avoided developing actual weapons. The corporation moved into robotics, and after successfully going public in 1998, Skell Tech also began investing in other tech startups.

However, Jace lost his wife Diane during the World Trade Center attack of September 11th, 2001. After this traumatic event, He turned his interests even more towards security, but also towards the future. He began formulating a vision of a "World 2.0", and his biggest step towards this goal was purchasing the US government lease on the South Pacific archipelago of Auroa in 2008 then started construction in 2009. In 2016, he created the Jace and Diane Skell Foundation for Life to combat juvenile malnutrition and improve access to education in sub-Saharan Africa.

He sits on the boards of several major public companies and NGOs, such as Danois and FrImagine. He has recently been steering his company further into improved artificial intelligence research, creating autonomous drones, and secretly funding the research of Dr. Grace Maddox, whose Project Deus team has its sights set squarely on the Technological Singularity.

He also created the Skell Pollinator drones that can be used for flower pollination as a substitute to bees ensuring food shortages eliminated, Earth's biosphere develops and thrives for decades to come. In 2017, he made surgical robots. Then in 2019, a female interviews Skell the critics claimed that with new autonomous systems, they risked "summoning the devil". Nonetheless, he explained his company combined AI and machinery to serve humanity peacefully, he would personally dedicate to keeping it that way.

Yet that "summoning the devil" did foreshadow the future Jace would be feared of. During the 2020s, one of his employees and later future leader of the Outcasts - Haruhi Ito was horrified of Project Deus, which led her protesting then led like-minded people to thwart Project Deus and those who protected it. However, Ito's methods gone too far when with her younger brother Daigoroh trying to bomb a building that was said no one inside when the last seconds that dozens of people were killed by that explosion.

As a result Jace felt even less secured than before with the Outcasts' terrorism, which made him hire former Ghost operator Cole D. Walker as his military advisor and Sentinel Corp.' CEO Trey Stone with his troops to protect the island when Deputy Director of the CIA Peter Miles suggested them through Jace's government liaison. At first, he thought he was out of hot water, but turns out he's so wrong.

In 2025 when Peter Miles ordered Trey Stone with Walker who's the leader of the Wolves to takeover of the island. So Trey Stone activated Operation: Citadel to make sure the island is under their control. Nevertheless, Jace was able to get help 2 days later by using Legion drones to sink the USNS Seay, which quickly attracted the US government's attention even though later lost contact.

4 days later, the US Navy establishes a surveillance zone around Auroa and the next day the President immediately orders the Pentagon to send in the 32 men and women of the Ghosts under the command of Lt. Colonel Nomad into 4 teams that were aboard the USS Wasp to find out what happened to the island. Although only Nomad, Holt, Vasily, Fixit, Fury and 2 male Ghosts survived the crash and being hunted down by Wolves and Sentinel troops, Nomad was able to find Jace at an underground facility with the help of Josiah Hill.

However, when both of them just met, they heard Walker' voice with a gas grenade released. So they hide behind a glass wall. When the smoke is gone, they found out they are trapped by Walker, Josiah, Rosebud, Flycatcher, Silverback and Yellowleg. They later escaped through a vent when Walker using his revolver to bust through that bulletproof glass and got to Erewhon by a helicopter.

After Nomad had dealt with Walker and Stone, Skell was extracted out of Auroa. He promoted Jeremy Parks as the COO of Skell Technology in his absence. However, after the Bodark occupied the archipelago, he disappeared.


A visionary tech entrepreneur, Jace Skell is a man of many contradictions. A libertarian in spirit, he is also a patriot whose company holds many government contracts. he sees himself as leading humanity towards a wondrous, high-tech future, but he is hidden from the world on Auroa. He cares for his employees in an abstract way, but he is naive about their needs and about differences in class. He promised a human-friendly technology, but is secretly encouraging the transhumanist work of Maddox. Many of his employees ignore this dangerous alliance.


Paula Madera was the first engineer he hired for Skell Tech, and one of his oldest friends. He is also friendly with Ayana Puri, and his best friend is Maurice Fox. Maurice's daughter, Harmony, calls Skell - "Uncle Jace". Peter Miles was Skell Tech's government liaison. Skell hired Sentinel Corp., whose president and CEO is Trey Stone, to run Auroa's security. Mads Schulz, de facto leader of the Homesteaders wasn't pleased when Jace's "toys" were on the island and worse when Sentinel troops with Wolves crawling around, at least forgave Jace's actions.

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  • His blood type is O-.
  • The finger skateboard on his desk in Erewhon is a reference to his voice actor, Rodney Mullen.


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