"The old world is now obsolete; its foundational pillars human servitude. We've replaced slaves with machines."
— Jace Skell

Jace Skell is the CEO and a founder of a blue chip company named Skell Technology.


Being a billionaire entrepreneur, visionary, genius and philanthropist, Jace Skell planned to change the world. He founded Skell Tech in 1993 while still a sophomore at MIT, and has worked tirelessly ever since to turn it into the world dominating hi-tech mega-corporation it is today. With his talented mind, he wanted to make a world a better place by making drones for commercial use, yet also found success as a military contractor developing cutting-edge equipment for the United States government.

Later in 2008, he purchased Auroa and ready to convert the whole archipelago into the new Skell Tech headquarters. With a vision of turning it into a hub for the design, research, development and production of artificial intelligence and drone technology. The Homesteaders (Auroa's own community led by Mads Schulz that broke free from society and oppose humanity’s dependence on industrialization) cohabited peacefully (in secret not happy at all with him and his gadgets) with Skell's company, while it constructs the new HQ till 2016.

In that same year, he also created the Skell Pollinator drones that can be used for flower pollination as a substitute to bees ensuring food shortages eliminated, Earth's biosphere develops and thrives for decades to come. In 2017, he made surgical robots. Then in 2019, a female interviews Skell the critics claimed that with new autonomous systems, they risked "summoning the devil". Nonetheless, he explained his company combined AI and machinery to serve humanity peacefully, he would personally dedicated to keeping it that way.

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His blood type is O negative.

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