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John Hume is the anti-tank gunner, marksman and demolitions expert member of The Ghosts. He fought with Scott Mitchell during the Mexican Rebellion.


Johnny "John" Hume was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was considered a wild boy, and loved hunting in the local mountains.

During high school he excelled and planned on attending MIT, but his father had a stroke, forcing John to take over the family farm. He did that for three years, but a visit from an old friend sparked an interest in the military, and after the passing of his father, John sold the farm and enlisted.


His age and experience made him resistant to authority, and halfway through training at Fort Leonard, he realized he may have made a mistake. After graduating he transferred to the 5th Infantry Division in Iraq and gained experience using light anti-tank weapons.

As a Green Beret he specialized in heavy weapons and demolitions. Hume completed his language training and was transferred to a troop operating in the Southern Islands of the Philippines and has fought there since. He eventually joined The Ghosts and fought with Captain Scott Mitchell in 2014 during the Mexican insurrection. He became friends with fellow Ghost Alex Nolan.

China mission (2012)

The two were visiting the Robots and Beyond Exhibit at MIT when they were assigned to Operation War Wraith in China. The team successfully neutralized the Spring Tigers.

Afghanistan (2013)

Later, Hume was one of the members assigned to the Afghanistan mission. He was devastated when Nolan was killed in a Taliban cave complex.

Mexican Revolutionary Crisis (2014)

During the rebellion, he and Nick Salvatore fought alongside the Ranger and future Ghost Nomad.

Personality and traits

His favorite holiday as a kid was the Fourth of July, as he could set off fireworks. His father helped him set up elaborate displays.

Johnny tends to talk a lot and can be quite animated. The only time he seems to calm is when working with explosives or lining the rangefinder on his Zeus T2. He is fluent is Spanish and Filipino (Tagalog).