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You're the finest soldier ever to serve under my command. I'll never forget this.
- General Keating to Scott Mitchell after the missile was destroyed

General Joshua Keating is the head of US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) at Fort MacDill Base in the early 2010s.

Around that time, he and his wife lived in Florida and had a housekeeper who was a good cook.

He worked with Captain Mitchell during the Chinese crisis and again during the Mexican rebellion of 2013/2014. Following Mitchell's controversial mission in Afghanistan, Keating shared the results and a drink with the Captain.

Alternate Future (World War III)

Keating was still serving and helped coordinate military actions during the Artemis invasion in 2021.

Personality and traits

Keating enjoys a good Scotch drink. Also puffing his favorite Cuban cigars, while Mitchell doesn't like smoking.

He has the sense of "getting the job done, no matter what the cost", but he also has an attachment to the soldiers who serve under him (ex: when he says to Mitchell "You're the finest soldier ever to serve under my command. I'll never forget this.")


  • On May 2012 2 weeks after Operation War Wraith, Keating invited Mitchell to the Keating Residence near MacDill Air Force Base Tampa, Florida to drink a Glenfiddich single malt Scotch whisky and talked about the recent events.
  • He told to Mitchell he should be promoted or else being the captain on May 2012 at the Keating Residence, still Mitchell prefer to wait.
  • His home has a second-story back porch, overlooking the kidney-shaped swimming pool with adjoining spa and rock waterfall. It also has a colossal screen room behind to keep the mosquitoes which stood a towering wall of palm trees sashaying in the outdoor breeze.