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Josiah Hill was a rogue Ghost who joined the Wolves during the events of Operation Greenstone. Acting as the Wolves' second in command, Hill served under fellow rogue Ghost Cole D. Walker.


Born in Gary, Indiana, Hill's father was a Vietnam veteran that served in the 25th Infantry. Shortly after having been discharged, his father became employed as a steelworker. However, as the steel industry rapidly declined, Hill and his family fell on hard times. Despite this, his father ensured that their family was always fed, a dedication that Hill greatly admired throughout his life. Additionally, his blue-collar background resulted in a reluctance to embrace newer untested technology, instead favoring old-school tactics.

Military Career

Shortly after graduating from high school, Hill immediately enlisted in the United States Armed Forces. Starting out as an infantryman, Hill's perseverance and commitment drew the attention of his superiors, resulting in his assignment to the 82nd Airborne Division. Rapidly ascending the ranks and striving for greater challenges, Hill requested a transfer to the Ranger Battalion, a request that was readily approved.

Shortly after his induction, Hill was assigned to the 3rd Ranger Battalion stationed at Ft. Benning. During that time, Hill participated in the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 and the subsequent Iraq War in 2003. Again, his prowess and capabilities stood him out from others, once again rapidly ascending to become one of the Battalion's top NCOs. Shortly after, Hill was granted the opportunity to try out for Delta Force, an offer that he once again readily accepted, hoping to challenge himself further. Passing the Q course on his first try, Hill was immediately assigned to an active-duty team. Having served extensively in multiple operations globally, he was approached by a member of the Ghosts to which he accepted the offer to join the group.

Over the course of his career, Hill ran countless operations for the Ghosts. During one such missions, Hill came under the command of Lt. Col. Cole D. Walker. In the fateful mission, Hill's helicopter suffered a technical issue that resulted in the helicopter crashing into a refueling plane. The resulting crash landing of the helicopter resulted in the GPS coordinates having been miscalculated. With his entire team burned alive, Hill nearly joined his teammates, were it not for the efforts of Walker, who had disobeyed orders to save him. A grateful Hill eventually grew increasingly loyal to Walker, resulting in his unofficial "promotion" to Walker's second-in-command.

In 2022, Hill, Walker and Nomad were deployed to Afghanistan under the command of Vaughan. Often frustrated at their superior's incompetence, Walker and Hill often belittled him, much to the concern of Nomad, who repeatedly attempted to soothe tensions between the men. However, tensions finally came to a head when Vaughan accidentally shot a civilian from a friendly village. Having attempted to kill Walker after a dispute, Vaughan was promptly executed by Walker in retaliation.

Shortly after, Walker was discharged from the army, having suffered a nervous breakdown. Returning to the army base, Walker executed his commanding officer, and began recruiting like-minded Ghosts, both active and former. Hill was offered a position in the Wolves, but he initially declined, instead offering to serve as a mole, both to evaluate the rogue group and monitor the situation from afar.

By 2025, Hill participated in the events of Operation Greenstone, under the command of Nomad to investigate the sudden communications blackout that engulfed Auroa. Prior to the operation, Hill privately contacted Walker and notified him of the impending operation. Once again offered a position, Hill readily accepted and was deployed with the other Ghosts to the island. Upon arrival, the Ghost platoon was quickly ambushed by the drone swarm patrolling the island. Having survived the crash, Hill quickly fled to the nearby swamps, where he encountered Maurice Fox and his daughter, Harmony Fox and assisted them in making their way to the docks, before opting to return to the swamps where he awaited fellow survivors.

Upon encountering Nomad, both men mused about Walker's betrayal, as Hill attempted to frame Jace Skell with forged evidence. Nomad quickly departed afterwards, with the intent of locating Skell as Hill decided to remain behind in order to rally surviving Ghosts. Shortly after his departure, Walker met up with Hill during which Hill fully committed himself with the Wolves. Discovering that Nomad had located Skell, both men quickly sought the duo. Upon arriving, Walker and Hill cornered the duo into a nearby safe room, during which Nomad expressed anger at Hill's betrayal. Upon explaining his actions, Walker offered Nomad a position in the Wolves and demanded Nomad hand over Skell. Refusing, the duo fled the facility, leaving Hill and Walker behind.

Unable to locate Nomad or Skell, Walker ordered Hill to supervise Ayana Puri as he continued his Wonderland project with Sentinel. Shortly prior to Walker's death, Nomad, at the request of Skell agreed to rescue Puri. Discovering their location of Egg Island, Hill offered Nomad one last chance to join the Wolves as he delved deeper into his motives. Rejecting his offer, Nomad fought through Hill's Wolves escort, before finally eliminating the rogue Ghost operator. Expressing disgust at his actions, Nomad recovered Puri before departing the island.

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