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Colonel Juan Ignacio Merlo, also known as El General (The General), is a former Mexican Army officer and chief commander of Los Extranjeros. He was a known war criminal and veteran of many wars. After he left the army, he founded Los Extranjeros as a Private Military Company. His 3 top men consist of: 

He saw the opportunity in Bolivian's state of chaos and sent his mercenary unit. They were supposed to assist Bolivia's military unit La Unidad in routing out foreign influence, but instead took over the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel's ruined operations.


After killing him in the Eastern Precinct, Los Extranjeros will have no leader and fall apart by itself. The Ghosts leave Bolivia for good.

Concept Art


Before being killed, he was armed with the H&K MP7.

He and Cruzar can´t be grabed.