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Operation: Silent Spade
Operation: Oracle
Top secret internal Ghost operation.

Operation: Silent Spade Files

Scott Mitchell

Silent Spade 1
"Long-time leader of the Ghosts"

Lieutenant Colonel Scott Mitchell, aka Griffin, is the leader of the Ghost unit. Born on August 13, 1976, he joined the army after graduating from high school.

His high score on linguistics screening made him eligible for entry into counter-intelligence, but he declined and entered the infantry.

10 years later, he was recruited by Ghosts and deployed in Georgia. He went on to serve in Eritrea and Cuba, where he earned the Silver Star.

Long-time leader of the Ghosts, he led teams in Korea, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Venezuela... and now Bolivia.

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Silent Spade 2
"Shipment Route"

Someone's been sending a shipment called "Jueza" through several regions, hitting almost every city. It doesn't say where the final destination is.
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Silent Spade 3
"Dirty Bomb"

Santa Blanca planned to detonate a dirty bomb in Barvechos to terrorize the population.

The explosion itself is not different from a conventional bomb, but it spreads radioactive material over a large area. It is not to be confused with nuclear bomb.

Although the radiations from a dirty bomb are minimal, and most times inconsequential, they have a significant psychological impact that can create mass panic and paranoia.

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Silent Spade 4
"Shady Exchange"

Santa Blanca picked up a shipment in Acevedo from someone who goes by "235Sombras". This city is close to M.O.B. Condor, the missing Uranium could have been exchanged there.
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Silent Spade 5
"Russian Ultranationalists"

The Unidad appears to be working with an extremist organization within Russia. The helicopter's pilot in charge of the Uranium shipment was wearing this logo on his suit. Further investigation is required.
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Silent Spade 6

These plans show how to attach something from "235Sombras" on what looks like a container called "Jueza".
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Silent Spade 7
"Skell Technology"

The high-tech giant, Skell Technology, seems to be expanding its reach to Bolivia and marketing its surveillance drones to Unidad.


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