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If you keep talking while I am trying to work, we are both going to end up dead. Get back to me when you've made a decision as to which choice you would prefer.
- Henkel's Specialist quote

Fw. Klaus Henkel is a Demolition specialist who may have served with the Ghosts in the 2008 Russian War and 2010 Cuban Conflict.


Klaus Henkel was born June 4, 1971 in Emden. His father Meier, who died in 2007, and his mother Helena both worked for a local shipping company. An exceptional student, Klaus demonstrated an early aptitude for chemistry. He majored in Chemical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Emden before graduating in 1992. He then pent two years working in R&D for a container manufacturer, also in Emden. Henkel enlisted in the Bundeswehr in November, 1994 and received training in Demolitions. He served with the UN force in Kosovo and was later assigned to German-American Corps. Attached to the Ghosts in August, 2003.


Henkel is methodical almost to a fault. He is precise in word and deed, and never acts without assessing the situation from all angles. Unlike Tunney, he takes no glee in the more flamboyant aspects of his work, preferring instead the quiet satisfaction of a job well done. Henkel is such a perfectionist, however, that he rarely regards any job as well done, least of all his own. Such constant nitpicking often gets on the nerves of new members of the Ghosts until they get more comfortable with him, at which point it becomes white noise. It's only when he stops finding faults in a situation that they start to worry. Speaking heavily accented English as well as German, Henkel is one of the least talkative members of the Ghosts, though he's more social than his countryman Munz. A devotee of classical music, Henkel spends his off hours reading technical journals and listening to his prized collection of classical CDs. However, he still maintains that records provide better sound quality, and anyone attempting to argue will be in for a very long discussion. Fellow German Dieter Munz prefers to spend his time with him.

His right index has been repeatedly broken and the fractures have not healed cleanly. As a result, that finger is 1.5cm shorter than it should be.

Harold Gordon once drank him under the table, according to Scott Mitchell.



  • Bio details: height is 5'11" (180 cm), weight is 195 lbs (88 kg), hair color is sandy blonde and eyes are blue.
  • He is one of the unlockable Support Gunner or Demolition specialists in the first Ghost Recon game.