La Cabra (The Goat), real name Dolores Serrano De Perez, joined the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel in 2006 and has been their chief negotiator, she is also Nidia Flores' best friend.

La Cabra is located in Inca Camina and is the main antagonist in the Peruvian connection DLC.

She's in charge of making the deals with Peruvian cartels to buy cheap cocaine. She handles the smuggling by railroads and air that comes from Peru through Inca Camina. She started selling drugs in a local market at 14 and joined her first cartel at 17. She has been in and out of prison since 2001, and has buried several husbands. La Cabra is an extremely charming and considers herself a diva.

In Inca Camina, Nomad and the Ghosts worked to destabilize the relations with the Peruvian Cartels by destroying downed drug  caches and stealing a car meant for a Peruvian drug lord. 

Once word reached the Peruvian Cartels, La Cabra set up a meet with the Cartel's Contact to force them to lower their prices to make up for losses. When the leader refused, La Cabra threatened to convince Sueño to take the Cartel's Supply for themselves. The  Ghosts caught wind of this meeting, tracking them down and killing La Cabra and the Negotiator. This led to increased tensions and a final severing of ties between them.