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La Gringa, real name Katrine Svendsen, is the nickname of a scientist who was hired to increase coca production in the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel. During her tenure within the cartel, she serves as an Underboss under El Yayo.


Katrine Svendsen, born in Sweden in 1976, grew up empathizing with the plight and difficulties that many in poorer countries faced. Hoping to make a difference in the world, Katrine joined the NGO Hands Over Bolivia, working to improve the lives of rural Bolivians. However, unbeknownst to her and other employees, Hands Over Bolivia merely served as a front for the Central Intelligence Agency to monitor the ongoing drug war against the Santa Blanca Cartel. Sometime during this period, the Cartel uncovered the truth about the NGO, and leveraging their position over the government, Hands Over Bolivia was exposed and forcibly expelled from the country.

With the fallout of the scandal, Katrine discovered her reputation was left in ruins back in Sweden. With little hope of returning and angered at the betrayal, Svendsen readily accepted a position within the Santa Blanca Cartel, ironically turning her back on the people she originally hoped to help. Having previously received a degree in Chemistry, Svendsen was hired to increase coca production, working under the command of El Yayo. Her subsequent promotion also boosted her salary tenfold.

Receiving the title "La Gringa", Svendsen readily accepted the moniker. Actively recruiting large amounts of scientists, La Gringa received much aid from El Yayo and El Boquita, boosting the production of coca significantly. With her skills and El Yayo's expertise and wisdom, the production of coca increased beyond expectations, much to the pleasure of El Sueño. Sometime during this period, Nidia Flores, head of the cartel's smuggling branch visited both her and Marcus Jensen, demanding the duo increase production, despite their insistence that production was already at capacity and was unable to expand further. Brushing off their concerns, Nidia remained insistent that the duo increase production, much to the bafflement to the two scientists. Eventually, Santa Blanca's coca production had advanced to such a level that Karen Bowman noted that it looked like it came from the 22nd century.

However, as the development of coca increased, La Gringa discovered the effects Santa Blanca's rule had on the local populace. Initially believing that her actions were benefitting the population, Svendesen wavered on her commitment towards improving the lives of others less-well off. Eventually deciding to assist the population, Svendsen began covertly selling much-needed medical supplies to the rebels behind Sueño's back.

By July 2019, La Gringa had continued working for Santa Blanca, however, the arrival of Ghost Recon during the events of Operation: Kingslayer heavily disrupted the once-lucrative coca production line. Having grown frustrated at her repeated failures, Sueño decided to tie up loose ends. Sending a hit squad of Sicarios to assassinate her, his team was brutally wiped out by the defending rebels. Upon arriving, the Kingslayer Team discovered that La Gringa had suffered a bullet wound during the chaos. At her insistence, the team escorted her to a nearby rebel doctor, as they held off waves of Cartel forces sent to eliminate her. Having eventually recovered enough, the Kingslayer Team took her to Bowman, where she facilitated an extraction for her. Continuing to treat her, Bowman threatened her with torture in prison, however, Katrine was undetered, stating that several lifetimes in prison was a better outcome than being dealt with by El Sueño. With this, Katerine was eventually arrested by American authorities.

Behind the scenes

  • She is played by Carly Thomas Smith in War Within the Cartel, while she is voiced by Helen Wilson in the game.
  • She is one of the underbosses the Ghosts must encounter if they choose to go after the Production side.
  • After capturing La Gringa the player is rewarded with 7 skill points and 10,000 'food parcels' resources.