La Gringa, real name Katrine Svendsen, is the nickname of a scientist who was hired to increase coca production in the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel. She serves as an Underboss under El Yayo.

She and her team, along with Marcus Jensen, were once visited by Nidia Flores, who ordered them to increase production, even though they were at capacity.

Katrine originally worked for an NGO Hands Over Bolivia, working to help improve the lives of rural Bolivians. However, the agency was no more than a CIA front to monitor the ongoing drug war against Santa Blanca. When this came to light, the NGO was forced from Bolivia. Despite being uninvolved in the cover up, Katrine's career was forever stained. Feeling personally betrayed, Katrine later received a job offer from Santa Blanca, meeting her high salary ten fold.

Earning the name La Gringa, she went to work recruiting scientists and other production buchons with help from El Yayo and El Boquita. Thanks to La Gringa's skills and Yayo's expertise, Santa Blanca production went into the 22nd century according to Bowman.

Katrine is an idealist who only wanted to help people, and in a twisted way, she's convinced she is. However, her employment with Santa Blanca doesn't keep her from selling medical supplies to the rebels behind Sueño's back.

Outcome[edit | edit source]


After the player completes the main story missions in the region, El Sueño will be fed up with her failures and sends a team of Sicarios to kill La Gringa at her home, forcing Bowman to send the Ghosts to fight off the attackers and extract her to safety. Except when they arrive, they find there are many rebels stationed outside her home fighting off the cartel. Once the Ghosts find La Gringa in her basement, they find she's taken a bullet to the shoulder and she requests you take her to a rebel doctor that she knows personally. On the way she explains that she's been giving the rebels medical supplies behind El Sueño's back, and that's why they were there defending her. Once they arrive at the doctors location, the team will have to defend them for 2 minutes from cartel SUVs and choppers. Once complete, Nomad and his squad will take her to Bowman and interrogate her for information on El Sueño.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • She is played by Carly Thomas Smith in War Within the Cartel, while she is voiced by Helen Wilson in the game.
  • She is one of the underbosses the Ghosts must encounter if they choose to go after the Production side.
  • After capturing La Gringa the player is rewarded with 7 skill points and 10,000 'food parcels' resources.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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