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La Plaga (The Plague), real name Ignacio Perez Cervantes, is the nickname of a youthful member of the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel who happens to be their leading sicario.

La Plaga is the kid half-brother of the cartel's head of security El Muro, who is responsible for his current position.

His brother arranged for him to have training in interrogation techniques from various death squads in Latin and Central America, as well as combat training from Bodark, the Russian equivalent to the Ghosts.

An unashamed hedonist who loves violence, he's achieved some social media celebrity by projecting an image of narco-glamour. La Plaga usually posts selfies of himself in flashy outfits or partying with supermodels, but on occasion, he'll post a video of himself torturing and beheading an enemy of the cartel.

When one of the buchons was defeated, El Sueño demands La Plaga stop goofing off on the Internet and do his job, so he started doing more videos of torture and executions of their enemies, angering Sueño, who believes this would effect Santa Blanca's influence in a very negative manner.

Once two security buchons had been defeated, El Sueño grows furious at La Plaga for releasing a video of him threatening a boy whose father was a lookout for the cartel, damaging their influence severely, and deciding that he has had enough of this and orders El Muro to kill his younger brother, to test him to choose between his brother by blood, or brother by bond. Unbeknownst to Sueño, Muro planned to flee the country with Plaga, to both save his brother and escape his boss's wrath, breaking the trust between them. The Ghosts track Plaga down to his hacienda in La Cruz, where he is surrounded by sicarios, hiding in a secret tunnel below his house. Once the Ghosts kill the cartel members protecting him, Plaga attempts to escape by getting onto a motorcycle, but is killed by the Ghosts before he can get away.

La Plaga's death provokes El Muro to clash with Sueño, who blames him for his brother's death and plans to take vengence.

Behind the scenes

  • He is one of the underbosses the Ghosts must encounter.
  • Defeating La Plaga will award the player with the "La Plaga's Hat" player cosmetic item, 7 skill points and 10,000 Medical resources.
  • In addition to his boisterous lifestyle, La Plaga has a relationship with a well-known female event manager.
  • "La Plaga" means "The Plague" in Spanish.