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La Yuri, real name Gloria Fernandez, is the chief torturer under command of El Muro in the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel, along with her husband El Polito.

They met in a hospital where El Polito was doing his residency. They got into the cartel after saving the life of an important cartel member. This Buchon was so grateful to them that he started giving them gifts and inviting them to parties. After a while they started to provide personal services for the Buchon's family, and they progressively found the joy of having lots of money and the thrill of having people's lives in their hands.

They work out of a hunting lodge in the Itacua province in Bolivia. They were also responsible for keeping undercover DEA agent Ricky Sandoval awake for 47 hours while he was being tortured, and eventually executed, by El Sueño, leading Karen Bowman to send in the Ghosts in Operation Kingslayer.

After the Ghosts discover that Yuri and Polito are hiding in a hunting lodge in Itacua, they travel to the lodge, forcing their way in, where a staircase lead to an underground space, where they find Yuri and Polito torturing a man in their workshop and discussing having children. Nomad hits a switch outside the door to open it, sounding an alarm, which causes Polito and a few sicarios to run further into the workshop, whilst Yuri heads for a mounted machine gun in the room in an attempt to kill them. The Ghosts kill the sicarios and Yuri, then proceed downstairs, where Polito and the rest of the sicarios are hiding. They attempt to kill their attackers, but are gunned down, ending Yuri and Polito's reign in Itacua.


  • El Polito and La Yuri are the first underbosses which the player must hunt down in the game.
  • Defeating El Polito and La Yuri will reward the player with 3 skill points, the His AK-47 and the Her AK-47.
  • When La Yuri is killed, El Polito will say "You bastard, I'll make sure you bleed out slow!"