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The Legion Mark VI drone was designed by Jace Skell and re-parameterized by Trey Stone, a lethal derivative of the Skell-Pollinator drone. They are deployed around the Auroa Archipelago to create the Black Box during Operation Citadel. One of the drone swarms took out the 4 Gyps helicopters that carried 32 Ghosts during the beginning of Operation Greenstone.


Legion drones are designed to scan and protect country borders, eliminating everything that is not authorized to come in or out of its perimeter. The drone detonates once it attaches to its target.

A Legion drone perimeter is made up of different interlocking sectors, and each sector has its own drone swarm. Each swarm is managed by an AI that runs through a local relay station, which is networked and interconnected with each other allowing all swarms to respond at the same time. The swarms are made up of dozens of Legion drones that in unison resemble a flock of birds.

Dr. Hollie Mackenzie, an ornithologist, was one among the many who designed the Legion's systems.



  • The drone is named after legion, a group of demons.
  • The Sync Shot Drone is a smaller variation of the legion.
  • This type of drone is the most deadly of all Skells drones, with Stolas at second.
  • The drones used by Sentinel are launched all over the archipelago during Operation: Citadel.
  • A sector of Legions was unintentionally made fully autonomous and self-learning by Jace Skell's virus. The swarm, now completely independent of human control, resumed Operation Citadel and began running numerous unknown subroutines, displaying emergent behavior. This leaves an unpredictable variable during the conflict on Auroa, especially since this AI is possibly more powerful than the Project Deus AI that's managing all of Skells other drones. Moreover it was those drones that sunk the USS Seay.


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