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You think you can stop me? You're the old world! I can control an army with just my mind! I am the future-...
- The Strategist to Nomad and Sam Fisher.

Leon Fairrow, also known as the Strategist, is the main antagonist of the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint DLC, Deep State.


Leon Fairrow, alongside Michael Lomax, is the co-founder of Lomax-Fairrow Industries, an international arms dealing company. They supplied Sentinel with their equipment and weapons. Fairrow and Lomax allied with Peter Miles in his scheme to create Wonderland. Fairrow and Lomax oversee Project CLAW, a plan to replace all human infantry with drones which would allow entire armies to be controlled by single operators using their minds.

Operation Greenstone

While at first no one knows his true identity, Fairrow was not part of Sentinel. In rumors, he had conducted classified research for Skell Technology, but actually just with them. He commanded far more fear than they do and represented something bigger than even Sentinel. Fairrow and his Lomax were part of a conspiracy that involves high-ranking members of various US government agencies and private development firms to create the drones. Fearing that Fairrow was not reliable and concerned about the kidnappings, the CIA and the Department of Defense had asked Fourth Echelon to investigate. Which Sam Fisher and his friend Victor Coste, under the guise of Operation Checkmate working for the latter's private security company, Paladin 9 for a few months in Auroa before Operation: Citadel happened.

After the Citadel coup, he has been working without any interference. He used the military specialists' minds such as Special Forces soldiers, including Midas, in order to program the drones for Project CLAW with expert battle expertise. Sam was assigned to capture and extract him out of the island to the United States alive so Sam could force him to testify before Congress; in the hopes that his testimony will convince them to officially launch a US military invasion of the archipelago to remove Sentinel from it. He was careful, as Fairrow used servers with advanced encryption that Sam and Nomad would never be able to get past. However, when they knocked out the power plant, the system would start to back up the files. So his back up server had less encryption, and that was the weak point for both of their way in.

Nomad and Sam gain information from members within Project CLAW's VIP list on how to infiltrate Fairrow's stronghold. They infiltrate the stronghold and face the power of Project CLAW operated by Fairrow. Nomad and Sam defeat Project CLAW's drones and sedate Fairrow. Sam then completes his mission by extracting Fairrow out of the island. Meanwhile, using a short window provided by Mackenzie in the drone swarm that is protecting the island, Sam and Victor manage to evacuate onboard the C-147B Paladin with Fairrow in-tow to the US.