Liu Tze "Lesion" Long (Chinese: 廖子朗), is a Rainbow Operator who worked with Ghost Recon during the Auroa operation.

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In 2025, Rainbow learned that the private military company Sentinel was mass producing a nerve gas agent called "Amber Ruin" on the remote island of Auroa with the intention of selling it overseas to foreign militaries and terrorist groups. Due to the large number of Sentinel personnel occupying the island, Lesion coordinated with Scott Mitchell to conduct a joint operation with Ghost Recon called Operation Amber Sky to stop all production, identify potential buyers, and create an antidote. Lesion contacted Ghost Team Leader Anthony "Nomad" Perryman and briefed him of the situation.[1]

With Lesion acting as mission control under the callsign "R6 Actual", Eliza "Ash" Cohen, Mike "Thatcher" Baker, and Lera "Finka" Melnikova deployed to the island by replacing a major buyer who was coming to purchase Amber Ruin and met up with Nomad. Lesion contacted Nomad and informed him that Rainbow had intercepted a Sentinel transmission detailing an Amber Ruin attack on the Harris Homestead. Nomad traveled to the site and found no survivors, their bodies suffering from abnormal rigor mortis as a result of the gas. Through investigation, Nomad learned that the attack had been deliberate in order to test the effects on the gas. Shortly afterwards, the CO in charge of the test arrived at the Homestead by helicopter. Nomad managed to subdue and interrogate the CO, learning that the data from the tests had been stored on a boat near the river. Despite heavy opposition from Sentinel forces, Nomad and Rainbow successfully escaped with the boat and delivered it to Dr. Gregory Ballard who had agreed to formulate an antidote for the gas.

Nomad and Rainbow located a Skell Technology engineer named Darryl Morgan who was in charge of a Amber Ruin mass production facility in the mountains. Nomad breached and eliminated Sentinel forces from the facility, rescuing Morgan. Morgan explained that he had been forced to produce the gas by Sentinel who had threatened to kill him and his family. He then told Nomad how to properly destroy the gas emitter in the facility. Afterwards, Morgan stated that it would take several days for the gas to dissipate. Morgan was then escorted to safety by Nomad and Rainbow. Meanwhile, Dr. Ballard developed a prototype antidote for the gas. To test the antidote's effectiveness, Nomad brought Dr. Ballard an Armored Personnel Carrier which held a stockpile sample of the gas. Despite this, more work was needed to increase the antidote's effectiveness.

Nomad traveled to multiple Amber Ruin shipping facilities around Auora and placed trackers on each shipping container. He also identified two buyers: Freddy Porter as well as Miss Tanaka of The Mu Cult. Nomad subdued Porter and turned him over to Rainbow personnel while Tanaka was allowed to travel back to her organization to be arrested alongside her conspirators at a later point.

Through further intelligence from Lesion, Nomad eventually identified and destroyed two more gas production facilities. Sentinel attempted to destroy information regarding a researcher working on Amber Ruin named Dr. Nathan Finley by planting bombs at a camp holding the intelligence. Despite their efforts, Nomad and Rainbow managed to defuse the bombs and repel Sentinel forces. Lesion later informed Nomad that Dr. Finley was a former associate of Dr. Ballard who had been working on Amber Ruin under duress from Sentinel. After contacting Rainbow and failing to escape, Dr. Finley was detained at Whaler's Bay Airfield. Lesion emphasized the importance of recovering Finley who had invaluable research needed to finish the antidote. Nomad and Rainbow managed to rescue Dr. Finley and took his personal plane which held all of his research to flew to safety. During the plane ride, Dr. Finley explained that Amber Ruin was ten time deadlier than VX nerve gas and that it had been brought to Auroa by Raven's Rock. He then went on the detail the various effects of the gas but was reassured by Nomad that Dr. Ballard's antidote would be a success.

After landing, Nomad checked the plane and learned that Sentinel had bugged it with a GPS tracking device. After defeating the remainder of Sentinel's forces, Lesion contacted Nomad and thanked him for his help, stating that Dr. Ballard should be finished finalizing the antidote soon. He then informed Nomad that Rainbow had successfully apprehended the terrorist buyers worldwide after tracking and confiscating the Amber Ruin shipments.

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