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You know, it's hard for your mother to tell you she's disappointed in your career choice when you're holding a grenade launcher while talking to her.
- Cohen's Specialist quote

Sergeant Leah "Lindy" Cohen is a Rifleman specialist who may have served with The Ghosts during the Russian War of 2008 and the Eritrean War of 2009.


Lindy Cohen was born July 22, 1981 in Massapequa, Long Island, NY. Real name is Leah, but known as "Lindy" since elementary school. Her father, Bernard, is a dentist; mother, Harriette, a school teacher. Cohen graduated 2nd in her high school class and scored 99% across the board on the New York State Regents Exam. She was accepted to Barnard, Mt. Holyoke and Sarah Lawrence but instead enlisted in 1999. Assigned to Signals and was attached to the 10th Infantry before serving with distinction in peacekeeping operations in Eritrea (2003) and East Timor (2004). She then transferred to MacDill AFB and attached to Special Forces there. Requested and received transfer to the Ghosts in 2005 as part of a program exploring the possibility of having women serve in front-line units. She is an Assault specialist and has repeatedly won awards for marksmanship, but has a particular fondness for unarmed combat. She put an unarmed combat instructor in the infirmary during basic, which made her extremely popular with her fellow trainees. Cohen has a preference for the M203 grenade launcher, and is extremely skilled in its use.


Cohen speaks English and Spanish fluently, with a smattering of other languages including Hebrew, French and German. She is very forceful in discussion; once she settles on a decision, that's it. Lindy has what has been described as "an excess of enthusiasm" in the field, and has been known to run out of ammunition on occasion as a result. She carries an optimistic attitude with her into any situation, regardless of how dire circumstances might seem, and this approach rubs off on her squadmates. Cohen is not shy about expressing her opinion, but is meticulous about making sure she knows what she's talking about before she opens her mouth. She is perhaps the most popular member of the Ghosts, and many of her squadmates regard her as almost a kid sister. Perhaps the one blemish on her record is a long-standing dispute with Cpt. Susan Grey, whom Cohen refers to as "Her Majesty."



  • Bio details: height is 5'6" (168 cm), weight is 135 lbs (61 kg), hair color is brown and eyes are brown.
  • She is one of the unlockable Rifleman specialists in the first Ghost Recon game.
  • She has a tattoo of a chain of six stars on her left ankle a.k.a. the Mogen David.