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Los Extranjeros (English: The Foreigners) is a highly dangerous and heavily armed Private Military Company (PMC) brought in to assist La Unidad in reestablishing order in Bolivia following the collapse of the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel at the hands of the Ghosts.

Their yellow circle logo is a roaring jaguar (its lower jaw has no flesh) in front of a combat knife and a silhouette of South America. Their combat uniform camouflage consists of yellow, black & gray spots, dots, camo stripes and solid colors.

During operation Fallen Lord when the Kingslayer Team under the command of Nomad were sent back to Bolivia to evacuate the last CIA members and American civilians remaining in the nation. On their way in, their UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter got shot by a heat seeking missile fired by Los Extranjeros and they crashed in the middle of the jungle which the pilot got killed in that crash. The Ghosts escaped the PMC's kill squads and saved a CIA agent Socrates. Socrates with Nomad's team were able to kill all the 4 leaders of the group, which caused this PMC to be shut down for good and their Operations to be investigated.


Los Extranjeros consists of disgraced former members of the military special operations communities, ex-cartel members, and hired mercenaries. Rather than helping to establish order, they take control of SB's abandoned facilities and continue where it left off. Meanwhile, the unit also commits various crimes against the citizens of Bolivia in the Eastern Precinct, the Northern Precinct and the Western Precinct.

Operations in Bolivia[]

Los Extranjeros was called in to help UNIDAD restore order in Bolivia after Santa Blanca Cartel fell into shambles and they also eliminate the Central Intelligence Agency team stationed at Bolivia. Along with that, they started off where the Santa Blanca Cartel left off. They restarted the cocaine process and raged mayhem on the civilian population. They forcefully recruited civilians in their group and the ones who were not lucky were tortured and later on killed. They bribed key UNIDAD officers to continue their mayhem. They used fear tactics and brutal methods to keep order. 


Foot Units[]


These soldiers are the heavily armored brutes and are equipped with folded stock Vektor R4 assault rifles or light machine guns. They have advanced bulletproof body armor made out of carbon fiber on their joints and steel pads. They can only be wounded by explosives or killed by a headshot.

Covert Ops[]

These soldiers are hand picked for their scouting skills. They are equipped with optical camouflage suits and carry Phobos Crossbows, making them nearly invisible and extremely deadly when one-hit a Ghost with a crossbow arrow. Can be revealed through IR vision or deactivate their camouflage by using an EMP shock from a drone. Can't be tagged via spotting and regular drone cams, except using IR mode cams.


These soldiers are the unit's main electronic warfare force against targeting drones. They are equipped with portable jamming devices that will disable the tactical map, disable night vision/thermal vision, and prevent the Ghosts from using drones. They also have an area of effect on the Ghost's vision that glitches their view and it can be very disorientating. Killing one is a priority that will disable the jamming device. They are also equipped with Desert Tech Micro Dynamic Rifles (MDRs).

Elite Sniper[]

These skilled snipers are equipped with Serbu BFG-50A Anti-material rifles with each soldier using a powerful, long-range red-dot sight or marker on their right eye that helps them see through heavy fog. However these flashy tools would give away their position. They are extremely skilled soldiers that can make one-hit kills from a range up to 500m and more.


These soldiers are the lowest rank in the unit, probably new recruits. Basic infantry units that have the same skill as a regular UNIDAD Rifleman (AKA grunt) and are equipped with Tarvor-21 (TAR-21) assault rifles.

Foot Units Concept Arts[]

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