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Los Extranjeros (English: The Foreigners) is a highly dangerous and heavily armed Private Military Company (PMC) brought in to assist La Unidad in reestablishing order in Bolivia following the collapse of the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel at the hands of the Ghosts.

Their yellow circle logo is a roaring jaguar (its lower jaw has no flesh) in front of a combat knife and a silhouette of South America. Their combat uniform camouflage consists of yellow, black & gray spots, dots, camo stripes and solid colors.

During operation Fallen Lord when the Kingslayer Team under the command of Nomad were sent back to Bolivia to evacuate the last CIA members and American civilians remaining in the nation. On their way in, their UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter got shot by a heat seeking missile fired by Los Extranjeros and they crashed in the middle of the jungle which the pilot got killed in that crash. The Ghosts escaped the PMC's kill squads and saved a CIA agent Socrates. Socrates with Nomad's team were able to kill all the 4 leaders of the group, which caused this PMC to be shut down for good and their Operations to be investigated.


The country is in a state of chaos, and we have a new complication - a data leak has compromised CIA operations, and the government-backed UNIDAD forces have called in a mercenary cadre called 'Los Extranjeros' to eradicate all American agents. Problem is, the mercs are more interested in picking up where the drug lords left off. They're looking to fill the void left by the Cartel, and destroy any hope Bolivia still has.
- CIA Handler 'Karen Bowman', about the consequences of El Invisible's leak and the operation method of Los Extranjeros.

Los Extranjeros is a heavily armed mercenary company that was formed by Mexican Army Colonel Juan Ignacio Merloupon his exit from the Mexican Military. After El Invisible's leak of CIA operations in Bolivia, Unidad's leaders call in Los Extranjeros to help the severely weakened Unidad forces to re-establish order, crush the remains of the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel still active in Bolivia, and eliminate all CIA Agents in Bolivia.

However, unbeknownst to Bolivian government officials and high-ranking Unidad leadership, Los Extranjeros had no intent of helping to restore order, and instead used the opportunity to build their own empire of corruption and brutality.

Membership and Recruitment

Los Extranjeros seem to have four major sources of recruitment, and continue with two of these avenues when inserted into Bolivia, similar to other rogue PMCs and criminal organisations.

  • Recruitment avenue #1: Disgraced members of the special forces communities in foreign militaries.
  • Recruitment avenue #2: Members of criminal organisations from Latin America, such as drug lords.
  • Recruitment avenue #3: Recruitment of ex-Santa Blanca Sicarios and Unidad Soldiers to boost their forces, especially in the Eastern Precinct under Captain Tomas Ortega.
  • Recruitment avenue #4: Forceful recruitment of unlucky civilians, who are given a 'crash course' in military training and sent on missions.


Los Extranjeros resemble an even-more corrupt Unidad, with heavier and more advanced equipment, armour and weapons, and a vast array of vehicles.


Los Extranjeros use a limited complement of weapons due to their access to weapons, and seem to favour accuracy and rate of fire. They use a larger complement of support weapons such as MGs, Mortars, and SAM launchers.


Operations in Bolivia

Los Extranjeros appears to originally consist of disgraced former members of the military special operations communities and former criminal organisation members.

Along with that, they started off where the Santa Blanca Cartel left off. They restarted the cocaine process and raged mayhem on the civilian population. They forcefully recruited civilians in their group and the ones who were not lucky were tortured and later on killed. They bribed key UNIDAD officers to continue their mayhem. They used fear tactics and brutal methods to keep order.  Meanwhile, the unit also commits various crimes against the citizens of Bolivia in the Eastern Precinct, the Northern Precinct and the Western Precinct.

In their precincts, different objectives have been observed.

In the Northern Precinct, under Captain Dante Cruzar:

  • Find information from civilians by forceful methods.
  • Conduct psychological warfare against the local populace by brutally killing anyone unlucky enough to be taken, and burning corpses of those killed to further demoralise the populace.
  • Systematically loot churches all over the region for their religious valuables, smuggle them out of the country, and use the cash to fund their operations.
  • Using captured rebels as manual labour in order to produce coca for production in the Western Precinct.

In the Western precinct, under Major Luis Rocha:

  • Control gunrunning and smuggling routes through the use of camouflaged 'Covert Ops' soldiers.
  • Rebuild the cocaine processing facilities in Ocoro and use them to begin producing cocaine, with source .
  • Conduct psychological warfare against the populace by broadcasting propaganda and encouraging stories of ‘ghosts’ where their covert ops soldiers have been operating.
  • Use ‘death squads’ in order to destroy entire villages to further erode support for any resistance to their plans.

In the Eastern Precinct, under Captain Tomas Ortega:

  • Train new recruits similar to how sicarios are trained in Montuyoc.
  • Dispose corpses of civilians by burning them or sinking them into the swamp.
  • Punish troublemakers and rebels by either using them as target practice or sending them to Ortega’s blood sport arena.


Foot Units

Armored Soldiers

These soldiers are the heavily armored brutes and are equipped with folded stock Vektor R4 assault rifles. They have advanced bulletproof body armor made out of carbon fiber on their joints and steel pads. They can only be wounded by explosives or killed by a headshot.

Armoured Soldiers often serve as squad leaders for roadblocks and are trainers for new recruits.

Covert Ops

These soldiers are hand picked for their scouting skills. They are equipped with optical camouflage suits and carry Phobos Crossbows, making them nearly invisible and extremely deadly when one-hit a Ghost with a crossbow arrow. Can be revealed through IR vision or deactivate their camouflage by using an EMP shock from a drone. Can't be tagged via spotting and regular drone cams, except using IR mode cams.

Covert Ops are among the most highly trained soldiers in Los Extranjeros. Most of the time, they're found securing critical objectives, regulating gunrunning routes, and training lower-ranking troops in Coca field supervision.


These soldiers are the unit's main electronic warfare force against targeting drones. They are equipped with portable jamming devices that will disable the tactical map, disable night vision/thermal vision, and prevent the Ghosts from using drones. They also have an area of effect on the Ghost's vision that glitches their view and it can be very disorientating. Killing one is a priority that will disable the jamming device. They are also equipped with Desert Tech Micro Dynamic Rifles (MDRs).

Jammers are often found in outposts and bases, working on their equipment. Many are used as mobile anti-surveillance troops for high-ranking officers.

Elite Sniper

These skilled snipers are equipped with Serbu BFG-50A Anti-material rifles with each soldier using a powerful, long-range red-dot sight or marker on their right eye that helps them see through heavy fog. However these flashy tools would give away their position. They are extremely skilled soldiers that can make one-hit kills from a range up to 500m and more. They are also extremely observant, being able to see a standing ghost from 300 m away, and a crouching one from 100 m away.

Snipers are extremely well trained and they have extreme accuracy, however, they have low health and are easily killed.


These soldiers are the lowest rank in the unit, probably new recruits. Footmen are basic troops of Los Extranjeros that are deployed on multiple details, from coca field supervision, to convoy escorting, to guarding rebel prisons.

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