Ghost Recon Wiki

It's almost two maps in one - swamp to the west and fields and cliffs to the east - with a crater-pocked road separating the two disparate halves down the middle. You can explore the swamp for hours, but much of the action is out on the firm ground where the visibility is infinitely better and the elevation beckons those with long-ranged weapons. The slopes to the north are much easier to access than the rugged, impassable cliffs to the south. However, there is a secret passage up the south slope that loops you behind the southeastern plateau.

The swamp area can slow you down, so people tend to be afraid to go into it too much. Don't be, you have good cover, and people do not expect you to come from that area.

Marksmen and Gunners can have a field day on this map because of how open it is, but always remember to watch your back. Of course, a well-placed antitank rocked or grenade can really ruin their day too.

The cliffs on the map's eastern half can rule the battle. From up on that elevated height, you can shoot down on the road below and on the outskirts of the swamp, ignoring many of the cover spots.