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The M109 is a tracked self-propelled howitzer of US origin. It was developed from 1956 to 1961 to replace the older M44. The M109 has a little brother in the form of the M108 which is armed with a smaller 105mm gun.

The M109 has a conventional layout with the driver in the front and the drive train to his right. The turret is mounted in the rear and houses the other crew members. The crew of six consists of a commander, driver, gunner and three loaders.

The original M109 was fitted with a short 155mm M126 howitzer that provides a maximum range of 14.6 km. Later models were fitted with the longer M185 howitzer with a maximum range of 18.1 km. The latest models use the M284 cannon that can fire extended range ammunition out to 30 km. The maximum rate of fire is 4 rounds a minute, with one round per minute being standard. A total of 36 projectiles are carried. For self-defense a 12.7mm M2HB heavy machine gun is fitted on the turret roof.

The M109 is operated under full armor protection. The aluminum armor provides protection against small arms fire and shell splinters. Later versions are fitted with an NBC system. The M109A6 greatly increases crew survivability due to its improved ammunition stowage and safety features.

The M109 has a reasonable cross country ability due to its tracked chassis. The average speed is somewhat limited. A Detroit Diesel 405hp diesel engine provides propulsion.

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