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The Bradley is a mechanized infantry combat vehicle of US origin. It was developed in the 1970's and entered service in 1981 to fulfill a variety of roles. The M2 is the standard infantry fighting version, the M3 is a cavalry fighting and reconnaissance version with the M6 Linebacker being an air defense version. The Bradley is named after general Oman N Bradley. Over time the Bradley has been continuously improved with better armor and systems.

The design of the Bradley is a further development of the AIFV. The Bradley uses a tracked chassis with the engine and drivetrain located at the front, on the right of the driver. The two man turret is located in the middle. The troop compartment is at the rear and may be accessed by the large rear ramp which also has a door in it.

The main armament is the 25mm Bushmaster autocannon which has 300 rounds ready to fire It fires at 200 rpm may be used to engage targets out to 2.5 km. A 7.62mm M240C (MAG) machine gun is fitted as a coaxial weapon. The armament is fully stabilized and may be fired on the move. Tanks and fortified positions are engaged using the two round TOW missile launcher that is fitted on the left side of the turret. The TOW missiles have a range of 3.75 km and may only be fired while stationary.

The Bradley has spaced aluminum armor which protects the crew from small arms five and shell splinters all around and 20mm and heavy machine gun rounds over the frontal arc. From the A2 model onwards appliqué side armor was added which protects from 14.5mm rounds. The A2 and later models may also be fitted with ERA at the front and sides which protects against 30mm APDS and RPG-7 rounds. All models feature an NBC system and 2x4 smoke grenade launchers.

The tracked chassis provides the Bradley with a good all terrain performance. The Cummins 500 hp diesel engine was replaced by a 600 hp model from A2 models onwards. The maximum road speed is 61 km/h and the cruising range is 400 km. With proper preparation the Bradley is amphibious.

Role in Ghost Recon

The M2 Bradley is a United States Army combat vehicle/APC. It can carry a rifleman squad. During the Afghanistan mission, the Ghosts were supported by M2s. One was swarmed by Taliban fighters and destroyed. Soon after, additional M2s were deployed from the FOB as support. They launched a flare as distraction and then helped extract the Ghosts and rescued civilians.


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