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Best in class ROF, demanding recoil.
- In-Game Description

The M4A1 is a modular Assault Rifle with a fast RPM of 950(15.84 rounds per second) ,while having a slower than average reload.                   

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

The blueprint for the Standard M4A1 is found in the Behemoth location in the Channels providence, on Misty Range,  while the M4A1 Assault and Tactical variants blueprints being sold by Maria for 15,000 credits each at Erewhon and the M4A1 Scout variant is gained by the level 10 on Path Finder

M4A1 Assault Variant[edit | edit source]

The M4A1 Assault features better damage at worse recoil control and no trigger options (being Burst fire and Fully Automatic only) and a notable increased horz kick around the 11th shot fired. however it has a large DPS increase at the cost of damage per mag ma

M4A1 Tactical Variant[edit | edit source]

Like most Tactical variants it has no full auto function,which reduces your RPM heavily, but is given in trade a built in suppressor along with additional accuracy making it suited more for a quieter more distanced role on the battlefield.

M4A1 Scout Variant[edit | edit source]

This is a DMR formatted version of the M4A1,featuring only burst and semi automatic fire modes,but offering longer range but as with the Tactical it reduces your fire rate heavily with the advantage of longer range scope options than other variants.

Special Variants (Tiered Weapons)[edit | edit source]

Name Image Level Rarity Buffs
M4A1 Assault | Valor M4A1 Assault Valor.png 66 * Advanced
  • -10% Technique Cooldown

  • +10 Accuracy


  • Through blueprints, you can buy the Advanced "M4A1 | Assault Valor" from Maria's Shop for a higher level.

Mark Upgrades (Minors and Endcaps)[edit | edit source]

Mark One Minors - 1x Accuracy, 1x Damage, 4x Range, 2x Reload. End Cap: After a Kill +10 Reload Speed

Mark Two Minors -

Mark Three Minors - 2x Handling, 2x mobility, 2x range and 2x Reload. End Cap: After a Kill +10 Handling

Attachments[edit | edit source]

The M4A1 series of rifles can share most attachments but the Assault and Tactical can not change triggers and barrels as well as no 100 round magazine and the Tactical variant being unable to use muzzle attachments.

Sights: Iron sights, CompM4, digital sight, EXP3xG33 sight, EXPS3, Panoramic sight, and the Ta31H.

Magzines: Small (20 per mag but 10% faster reloads),Standard (30 per mag),Extended (50 but 10% slower reloads and 15% more vertical recoil),and the 100 round magazine (20% slower reload speed and 20% more vertical recoil,Standard only).

Muzzle attachments: any suppressor, 556 Control shield, ASR Compensator, muzzle break and flash hider.

Barrel: Standard and Short (10% faster ADS speed,5% less vertical recoil and 10% less range).

Under Rail: M203 UGL, lightweight vertical foregrip, STFG Angled grip,and tactical vertical foregrip.

Side Rail: ATPIAL x3, MAWL-DA, PEQ-15 and the Range Finder.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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