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The M67 is a hand grenade of US origin. The M67 was developed to replace the earlier M26 series. The M67 is smaller and lighter and can be thrown over longer ranges. The M67 was known as the M33 before the product improvement program. Reportedly the M67 has a shape and weight similar to a baseball, which would decrease training costs as many US soldiers would already be familiar with throwing a similar shaped object with accuracy.

The M67 is a defensive grenade. The M67 started out as the M33 and is essentially and M33 with additional safety clip. The M67 has a spherical body and features a large safety lever. The fuze is in the middle and surrounded by explosive. The steel outer body will turn into fragments upon explosion. The M67 has a 4 to 5 second time delay fuze, which starts as soon as the safety lever is released. The M68 is a derivative with impact fuze.

The M67 is filled with Composition B explosive and the steel body will turn into splinters. The casualty radius is 5 m and wounding radius is 15 m. Fragments may reach as far as 250 m. The average soldier may throw the M67 out to 30 m and ranges of 40 m can be achieved.