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The Barrett M95 is a modern anti-material rifle of US origin. It was developed by Barrett in the late 1980's as a cheaper and smaller alternative to the semi-automatic Barrett M82.

The M95 is a bullpup bolt action sniper rifle. Despite the differences in layout it resembles the semi-automatic M82. The M95 has a similar receiver and stock and the same multi-slotted muzzle brake is fitted. The magazine and bolt-action mechanism are located behind the pistol grip. The scope is fitted on a bracket or Picatinny accessory rail.

The M95 fires the 12.7x99mm NATO round from a 5 round box magazine. The M99 is a single shot derivative. Both models are bolt-action operated and have a lower rate of fire than the semi-automatic M82.The M95 and M99 are reported to be somewhat more accurate than the M82. The maximum effective range is 1.800 meters.