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See also UH-60 Black Hawk.

The Sikorsky MH-60K Black Hawk is the main Special Forces variant of the army's front-line utility helicopter of the UH-60 that is designed to take Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) A-Teams and The Ghosts on long-range missions deep into enemy territory.

The Sikorsky MH-60K Black Hawk are first ordered in 1988 for use by the United States Army's 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment ("Night Stalkers"). It also includes an integrated avionics system (glass cockpit), AN/APQ-174B terrain-following radar, color weather map, improved weapons capability, and various defensive systems.

It has a pair of General Electric engines and a pair of already mounted 230-gallon external fuel tanks on either side of the fuselage beneath the rotor. It is armed with both M134 mini-guns mounted in the crew doors.

Waziristan rescue (2009)

On January 2009, during the rescue mission, Captain Scott Mitchell called one under the name of Black Hawk Two-Niner (ID: Black Hawk 29) for exfil. Another Black Hawk that helps the Ghosts escape has a AIM-1 laser pointer on one of the mini-guns at the portside, where the portside gunner's down (collapsed forward on his gun, blood pooling down his face and neck). Mitchell took the wounded gunner's place and guide the gun onto the hillside. Then he shifted his aim once more to ease the weapon left as the chopper pitched forward and gained altitude. Next he fired lots of 7.62 NATO tracer bullets (from a hundred bowmen until they burned out at 900 meters) at the Taliban. The chopper set down on a small, deiced pad on the outskirts of Bagram Airbase in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Cuban Conflict (2010)

It appeared in the game during the Cuban crysis.


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