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Madre Coca, real name Ruperta Faro, is located in Tabacal which she ran away from in 1983, to return to as a Santa Blanca Drug Cartel buchon.

She grew up working as a raspachin - a coca picker. It was backbreaking work that blistered her hands and stained them yellow. Over the years she has been shot twice and burned. Her oldest son overdosed on cocaine and her other two made it to America and opened a successful business there. She is iron tough. Everyone respects her and, more importantly, the people of the farms fear her. El Yayo trusts her. She is a very important member of the cartel.

However, several union leaders, including a man named Chavez have tried to spur the farm workers to revolt against Madre Coca. When the Ghosts arrived in Tabacal, they protected Chavez whilst he gave a speech to the workers, and killed Cartel soldiers in front of the workers, showing that they can be beaten. They later destroyed an estimated ten million dollars worth of Coca, according to Nomad

The final straw came when the Ghosts captured Salazar, Madre Coca's adopted son. Whilst in custody, he revealed, albeit accidentally, that Madre Coca had snitches inside the rebel movement. Tracking them down Nomad and the Ghosts killed them, thus securing the rebel movement. 

Madre Coca assumed Chavez's rebels kidnapped Salazar, and claimed she wanted negotiations. Riding along with a rebel squad and lieutenant, Bowman instructed the Ghosts to oversee security. Some of Ghosts were uncertain of this, claiming it was a dangerous situation. They were proven right, Madre Coca launched an ambush at them to get her own hostages. Choosing to fight over surrender, the Ghosts and rebels fought back, killing Madre Coca in the ensuing gunfire.