Detects enemy contacts and displays them on your HUD.
- In-game description

Magnetic Sensors are thrown objects which can detect people, including through objects. Marcus Kelso explained a sensor picks up hostiles and pipes the intel back to the Ghosts' HUD. Just throw it out where the Ghosts think the bad guys are hiding, and they'll get a lock on their enemies' positions. Walls, vehicles - doesn't matter what the enemies are hiding behind.

It works when connected to the Cross Coms.

In 2019, Nomad's team tested the prototypes out in the field during their operation in Venezuela, but they only worked part of the time.

During the Sri Lankan conflict, the Ghosts' 4 classes: Scout, Autorifleman, Marksman, and CQC Specialist are equipped with these thrown detection device for detecting people and vehicle positions.

The sensors are used by Hunter Team to gain a tactical advantage.

The Engineer is the only class that gains access to Sensors which create a complete bubble of X-Ray-based observation, allowing detection of enemies as they approach. Sensors are absolutely invaluable to providing data on objectives and areas that may be hotly contested, and should be used whenever entering a hot zone for the first time.

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