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Marcus Jensen is an American chemist that worked for Santa Blanca as one of its major producers of coca production within the cartel. He served as a "buchon" under El Yayo.


Born on November 11th 1989, Marcus Jensen proved to be extremely intelligent, eventually graduating with a degree in Chemistry. Socially awkward, Jensen was noted to have lacked morals, often alienating him from his other classmates who were unnerved by his behavior.

Shortly after graduating, Marcus was approached by a top level recruiter impressed by his abilities. Initially assuming that they were from a large chemical company, Marcus readily accepted their offer for work. To his surprise however, Jensen instead discovered that he had instead been recruited by the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel. Having been personally vetted by chief scientist La Gringa, he grew impressed with her creative usage of chemistry that increased the potency levels of cocaine significantly. Enchanted by the near-unlimited funding and zero accountability, Jensen was further lured by the high salary that came with the job. Accepting the job, Marcus was stationed in Libertad and quickly moved up the ranks of the production wing, serving as La Gringa's right-hand man in terms of production.

Additionally, aside from producing cocaine, the cartel requested that Jensen teach potential Sicarios with scientific backgrounds at an old university based out of the province he was stationed in. Aided by his assistant, the cartel's scientific manpower was further boosted when as Jensen began teaching the Sicarios the means to produce a variety of drugs. When questioned by his students over potential confliction regarding his morals over producing cocaine, Jensen dismissed the notion, instead suggesting that due to the constant demand of drugs, unless he made it, someone else would make it, and would subsequently profit from it.

Subsequently, during her undercover operation, Karen Bowman noted that Jensen was far more financially-driven and was less concerned for his morals. She also noted that his salary was far higher than his other classmates, with Jensen making more in a week than they did in a year. His greed extended into his work, having been unwilling to share his recipe unless he was paid for it, with only La Gringa and other cartel higher-ups aware of it.

By July 2019, Jensen was caught up in the events of Operation: Kingslayer. Specifically targeted by the Kingslayer Team owing to his importance in production, Jensen attempted to escape from the Ghost Recon fireteam via Sicario ambush, however his escape attempt failed and he was forcibly brought to Bowman. Refusing to cooperate with Nomad and Bowman, owing to the fact that neither individual had jurisdiction to operate in Bolivia, Bowman simply dismissed him and ordered Nomad to execute him. Frightened, Jensen quickly complied with Bowman's demands and provided her with his formula, after which he was subsequently sent back to the United States and presumably detained by authorities.

Behind the scenes

  • He is played by the rapper "T.I." - Trip Harris.
  • He is one of the underbosses the Ghosts must encounter if they choose to go after the Production side.
  • After capturing Marcus Jenson, the player is rewarded with 5 skill points and the Mendeleyev, a unique variant of the Vector .45 ACP.
  • He bears the same first name as well as a striking resemblance to Marcus Holloway, a playable character from the video game Watch Dogs 2 which is also an Ubisoft title.