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The Mercedes-Benz Zetros is a family of heavy duty trucks, designed for extreme off-road operations. It is intended both for military and civilian applications. This truck was revealed in 2008. There are two baseline versions - the Zetros 1833 with 4x4 configuration and Zetros 2733 with 6x6 configuration. The Zetros series military trucks are in service with Germany, Bulgaria, and possibly some other countries.

The Zetros is based on the standard production Axor series. It can be seen as a bonneted version of the Axor with 6x6 configuration and modified for off-road use. Due to the bonneted design it is significantly lower than the Axor and fits inside tactical military transport aircraft and standard railroad carriages. The Zetros with 6x6 configuration has a longer wheelbase and can carry more load that the 4x4 version. It can carry 7 to 10 tons of payload. A standard troop/cargo body is fitted with drop-sides and drop-tailgate. The cargo area can be covered with bows and tarpaulin. Though various other bodies are available, including specializes ones. This military truck can tow trailers and artillery pieces.

A three-seater cab is located behind the engine. Its bonnet is tilted forward for servicing. A double cab is also available. The cab can be fitted with various levels of armor for ballistic and mine protection. Mercedes-Benz also offers a completely armored cab for a high level of protection. Though it does not protect the engine compartment, which remains unarmored. The standard cab can be easily removed and replaced by the armored cab. In this case the standard cab would be used during peacetime in order to reduce fuel consumption and wear. It would be replaced with the armored cab only prior to combat deployment.

The Mercedes-Benz Zetros 2733 uses proven automotive components of the Axor/Actros ranges. It is available with one turbocharged diesel engine. One is a 12-liter OM 457 LA, developing 428 hp. Vehicle has a 6x6 configuration with full-time all-wheel drive. The Mercedes-Benz Zetros can be airlifted by a C-130 Hercules, TRANSALL C-160, or A400M Atlas military transport aircraft with only the slightest of preparation.

Role in Ghost Recon

The Mercedes-Benz Zetros appears as the Military Truck (Unidad) in Ghost Recon Wildlands.


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