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The Mexican Civil War was a conflict in Mexico between the US-supported Mexican government and a rogue Special Forces division named Aguila 7, which began due to strong opposition inside Mexico towards NAJSA, the North American Joint Security Agreement.


In 2013, the Canadian PM, US President James Ballantine, and Mexican President Ruiz-Pena met at Mexico City to sign the treaty. Shortly before, an RC-12 spy plane carrying the Guardrail IX device was shot down over Nicaragua. It was sold to Carlos Ontiveros, although the sale was secretly watched by Ghost Recon members including Joe Ramirez and Captain Scott Mitchell.

They are reassigned when Ontiveros launches his coup. The Canadian PM is killed, and Mitchell rescues the other two VIPs. He is assigned to stop the coup, and they liberate M1 Abrams tanks. Eventually, Ontiveros and his son are killed.

Just afterward, Juan de la Barrera, his rebels and mercenaries continue the rebellion.