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Aguila 7 (translation; Eagle 7), but mostly known as the Mexican Rebels, was an insurrectionist military faction commanded by Carlos Ontiveros, son of General Ontiveros. It was formed as a reaction against the North American Joint Security Agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada, which they saw as the United States trying to legally station troops in Mexican soil to practically slowly take control of Mexico.


The operation took place over the course of two days in 2013, beginning in Mexico City. A US spy plane carrying Guardrail IX, a device capable of disrupting wireless communications, was shot down over Nicaragua. Intelligence discovers a plot to transfer the device to rebels in Mexico City, and the Ghosts are sent in to retrieve it. One of the rebels was identified as Colonel Carlos Ontiveros, son of Mexican General Ontiveros. The mission was aborted when a coup d'état began in Mexico City and multiple Ghosts teams were sent to Mexico City immediately, where a summit involving the leaders of the United States, Canada, and Mexico signing the North American Joint Security Agreement (NAJSA). The summit was attacked by the anti-American rebel group, who killed the Canadian Prime Minister, and forced the Presidents of the US and Mexico into hiding.

Ballantine was safely evacuated to Air Force One but was unable to take off due to the danger of being shot down. President Ruiz-Pena was evacuated to the US Embassy in Mexico City where a bomb nearly destroyed the embassy, and the Ghosts fend off a massive onslaught long enough for help to arrive. The Mexican President agrees to allow US forces to fight the rebels and restore order. A Ghost Team was tasked with destroying enemy artillery to open the road for an assault on Chapultepec, where 50 M1A2 Abrams tanks given to the Mexican government as part of NAJSA lie idle. The same team was later ordered to rescue the American tank operators who had been training the Mexicans in how to use them and "borrow" a few tanks.

The rebels used Guardrail IX to monitor US communications and a rebel special team ambush the Ghosts protecting the President. The rescue is successful, but the Nuclear Football was stolen by the rebels and with the Guardrail IX, the rebels are able to control US ICBMs, which cause China and Russia to ready their own.

Ghosts' Alpha Team was sent to retrieve the Guardrail IX and the Football, but they only succeeds in disabling the Guardrail IX. They are then ordered to return to clear several blockades in Mexico City to allow US tanks to pass. While being extracted, Major General Martin's Black Hawk Helicopter was shot down and Alpha Team was ordered to defend him until he could be extracted. US forces then begin a final push towards Zocalo Plaza where General Ontiveros was held up inside the Palacio National.

Alpha Team was then sent to destroy the last pieces of the Guardrail IX before sneaking into the palace, leading to General Ontiveros being captured while attempting to flee, but his son Carlos manages to escape and hijacks the Ghosts' support Black Hawk, shooting the pilot in the head. Bravo Team's Black Hawk attempts to rescue the Alpha Team, but were unaware that Carlos has switched over to a stolen Apache. Carlos soon shoots Bravo Team down and captures them, with him flying to the wrecked US embassy to begin transferring the codes for the US nuclear arsenal. Alpha Team and team raids the embassy, finds and rescues Bravo team, recover the football, and finally tracks down and kill Carlos, ending the rebellion.

Shortly after, a retired U.S. Army general, James Monroe, who was opposed to the U.S.-Mexican treaty, was discovered to be the traitor within the U.S. government that had been assisting the Ontiveros in their activities.