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The Mi-24 is an attack helicopter of Soviet origin. It was developed in the late 1960s to provide Soviet forces with a similar capability as the US AH-1 Cobra. The Mi-24 is unique in being an attack helicopter with a sizeable troop compartment. Due to its size and armor it is the heaviest attack helicopter in use. The commonly used NATO reporting name for the Mi-24 is Hind.

The Mi-24 was derived from the successful Mi-8 transport helicopter. It features a distinctive tandem cockpit with the gunner in the front and the pilot at the rear. The troop compartment with large doors on either size is located behind the cockpit and under the two large engines that power the massive five blade main rotor. A large stub wing on either side creates additional lift and three hardpoints. The tricycle landing gear is retractable which aids in streamlining.

Most Mi-24 feature a 12.7mm Yak-B minigun in a chin turret while some have a very powerful two barrel 30mm GSh-30K autocannon straddled along the right side of the cockpit. The inner pylons are used to carry unguided rockets such as the 57mm S-5 and 80mm S-8, gun pods such as the UPK-23 and a variety of free fall bombs. The outer pylons are fitted with guided anti-tank missiles such as the AT-2 missiles on early models and AT-6 and AT-9 on later models.

The armor protection of the Mi-24 is considerable. The fuselage and rotor blades will withstand 12.7mm rounds from any angle. The cockpit is even better protected and will even resist 37mm shells. Many Hinds in current service feature large exhaust diffusers on either side of the engines to reduce IR signature and increase their chance against most MANPADS.

Even though the Mi-24 is a very heavy helicopter it is able to reach high speeds due to the enormous power provided by the two 2.200 hp Isotov engines and its streamlined design. At high speeds the stub wings provide up to a quarter of the required lift.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Many enemy factions like Watchgate, Russian military, Raven's Rock and Bodark used them against the Ghosts.


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