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The Mi-8 is a transport helicopter of Soviet origin. It was developed in the early 1960's to provide Soviet forces with a larger capacity helicopter than the Mi-4 and more maneuverable and practical than the Mi-6. The commonly used NATO reporting name is Hip. Besides its troop transport role it can be used as an attack helicopter due to its significant weapon load.

The Mi-8 has the same general layout as the earlier and much large Mi-6, but does not share any components. The Mi-8 has a side by side cockpit that is followed by a large cabin with a door in the left and large clam shell doors at the rear. Two turboshafts on top of the cabin power the large five blade main rotor. The first generation Mi-8 was followed by the improved Mi-17, which is called Mi-8MT in Soviet service. The Mi-17 features more powerful engines and various other improvements. From both versions a wide range of variants have been developed, including dedicated assault versions with additional armor and weapon options.

Originally the Mi-8 featured optional racks for four UV-16 rocket pods for a total of 64 S-5 rockets. Shortly thereafter larger racks for six UV-32 pods were introduced, allowing for a staggering 192 S-5 rockets. Later models such as the Mi-17 are often fitted with four pods for 20 of the more effective S-8 rockets. It is also possible to fit gun pods or free fall bombs, although this is not common practice. Dedicated attack version feature the ability to launch guided anti-tank missiles and some have a 12.7mm heavy machine gun mounted in the cockpit.

The Mi-8 and Mi-17 have the ability to carry 24 troops or 12 stretchers or 4 t of cargo. On improved models the capacity has been increased to 30 or 36 troops. It is also possible to carry 3 to 4.5 t of cargo on a sling below the aircraft. The latest models feature a hydraulic ramp instead of the clam shell doors which allows a small vehicle to be carried in the cargo area.

The two large turboshafts provide the Mi-8 with significant power. Over time various models have been used ranging from 1.481 hp each in the original version to 2.200 hp in current production models. The maximum speed is 250 km/h and the ferry range is over 900 km. The Mi-8 is very suitable for hot and high operations with its 6 km service ceiling.

In Ghost Recon 2

The Mi-17 was used by North Korean army.


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