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The basic action of the Model 10 is the High Standard Flite King semi-automatic gas-operated shotgun, with the annual gas piston located around the magazine tube, under the barrel, and the tilting bolt locking. The return spring is located just behind the gas piston, around the magazine tube, allowing for the bullpup configuration. The tubular magazine can be loaded by single rounds via the opening at the bottom of the receiver, the spent cases are ejected via the port at the right side of the receiver.

The gun housing is made from strong plastic and consists of 3 major parts: rear, that encloses the receiver, front upper with the carrying handle and flashlight mount, and front lower, with pistol grip and trigger guard. The housing is fixed to the receiver by the removable front cap at the front of the magazine, by the buttplate screw at the rear end of the receiver, and by the U-shaped union member at the front end of the receiver. The buttplate can be rotated around its screw, so it could be set in the horizontal plane to act as a support against the holding arm, when firing the gun off hands. On the Model 10A the crude open sights are built into the integral carrying handle.