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Montuyoc is one of the Bolivian province. It is a relatively hilly and mountainous province with the exception of the flamingo lake in the center of the province. It is used as Santa Blanca's training grounds. Montuyoc is under control of the buchon Carl Bookhart, an ex-US soldier who is a security buchon for El Muro.

Montuyoc is described as:
"A high region used as the Cartel's training grounds."

It is surrounded by Mojocoyo in the north, Inca Camina from the south and Pucara and Barvechos from the east.

The following missions take place in Montuyoc:

Unique mission:


This province is located in the Altiplano region. Living conditions there are tough. Several roads cross the province and allow for easy movement. The activity of the inhabitants focuses on llama breeding and barley cultures, one of the few grains able to grow at this altitude.

The capital of the province is the small town of Choza Padres whose business focuses on the production of llama wool. The small village of Araca is divided between growing barley and raising llamas.

Sueño built a vast arsenal, protected by a large base, which contains the most modern small and heavy weapons, guns, tanks, mortars, and anti-aircraft missiles. This arsenal is available to the best sicarios that come to the deserted moors of Montuyoc for training.

Sueño foresees a potential clash with the Unidad or the Rebellion if the latter grows in power, or a possible attack by a rival cartel. Santa Blanca's goal at Montuyoc is to train a small elite army capable of standing up to the best armies in South America.

The people of Montuyoc have learned to take their llamas far away from the ground of the sicarios to avoid becoming the target of Mexican missiles.