Mountain Falls

Mountain Fall.png

A great waterfall divides the two forested halves of this map. It's a fairly symmetrical layout with a hanging footbridge connecting the two sides at the bottom of the falls and the passable shallow waters linking the two halves at the top. The superior terrain is up the hill on either side, and the top of the waterfall offers a grand view of the map's middle and lover center. Despite all the trees, there really aren't many places to hide to hide on the map, so you're better of planning a strategy and aggressively following through on that strategy once the game begins.

The high ground is key here. Control the area at the top of the waterfall, and you will dominate the map.

Just watch out, though, at the top of the waterfall. You cannot look in all directions at once, and you will have people gunning for you from bellow and to your sides. And, if you see someone up on the waterfall, a well-placed rocket can send them flying down the cliff, which can be very satisfying.

If you want to assault one of the bungalows, use the rocks and trees to approach the structure from underneath its rock wall. At the wall's base, you can shake things up with a few grenade tosses up onto the terrace above.


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