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It's not enough to take out the Cartel, we have to send a message. The Santa Blanca is going down in flames.
- Nomad

Anthony “Nomad” Perryman is a Ghost team leader and Support Gunner of Kingslayer Team. He is the one making the important decisions. In the U.S. Army, he was trained to leverage the expertise of each member of his squad for success.

Along with his fellow Ghosts Holt, Midas and Weaver, Nomad was deployed in Bolivia as part of Operation Kingslayer, a joint operation between CIA, DEA, and JSOC to dismantle the powerful drug cartel, Santa Blanca. Working with their CIA handler, Karen Bowman, Nomad and his team worked to dismantle the Cartel with full autonomy, doing what they saw needed to be done on their terms.

Addendum: CIA asset “Matchwood” has remarked on his abilities, and Cole D. Walker trusted him, yet that trust got broken in the future.


Born on May 30th, 1980 in Boston, Massachusetts. Nomad was an Army brat who spent his childhood moving from base to base. He joined the US Army at the age of 18 and underwent selection for Delta Force at 24. Spent three tours with counter-terrorist Task Force 88 before being recruited into the Group for Specialized Tactics (The Ghosts). Rose through the ranks to become Team Leader during a difficult mission in Eastern Europe.

Psychological evaluation

Always remains completely calm, even under the greatest pressure. Nomad is the epitome of the strong and silent soldier type: able to repress his emotions and to remain completely objective under any circumstances. Past teammates would joke about checking his pulse during freefall jumps to make sure he was still alive. He gets antsy when on Rest & Recuperation and has trouble adjusting to the “mundane day-to-day life” when not deployed. This affects his personal relationships outside the military. Has been married and divorced twice, with a teenage son by his first wife. He struggles to maintain a relationship with his son, who blames him for having been an absentee father. Nomad is looking to retire to “make up for lost time” with his son, who is about to become a father himself.

Personal history as a Ghost

Nomad became Ghost Lead in 2017 after a mission went wrong in Ukraine and his team leader was injured. His first full mission in this leadership role was a hostage rescue operation in the Amazon Jungle at the border between Brazil, Venezuela, and Colombia. This was also the first mission for the newly formed team of Ghosts composed of Nomad, Weaver (who’s been on several missions with Nomad), Holt and Midas (for whom it both was their first assignment as Ghosts). Two years after, the team was sent into Bolivia as an undercover force to stop the Santa Blanca Cartel from turning Bolivia into a narco-state. After completion of that bittersweet “successful” mission in 2019 and several other operations, he’s looking to retire and has accepted one last recon mission on Auroa.

Relationship with others

On his first mission as Ghost Lead, Nomad had a hard time finding the right balance between being a mission-driven leader and being a member of the team. Now on his last mission, he has no problem putting the personal aspects to one side in order to execute the mission his team is tasked with. Nomad is something of an introvert and not really the talkative type.

Pre-Operation Kingslayer

His unit was caught up in the Mexican Rebellion and found himself fighting alongside the Ghost operators Staff Sergeant John Hume and Captain Nick Salvatore.

After being recruited into the Ghosts, he was assigned to a squad with Sage, Joker and Weaver. During a mission in Donetsk, Sage, and Joker were injured and Nomad was put in charge of a new squad with Holt and Midas, which displeased him due to it not being “protocol.” Their first mission was to retrieve or destroy a downed UAV in South America, as well as rescue archaeologists and a research team from militants who were keeping them as hostages.

During his initial briefing, Nomad saw surveillance footage of El Sueño executing the family of a Bolivian police officer. Stating that this footage has haunted him ever since, he made a vow to do everything he could to stop El Sueño.

Operation Kingslayer

His team is covertly deployed to Bolivia and meets up with Karen Bowman. They are introduced to Pac Katari, who asks them to rescue Amaru. The team is successful in rescuing the rebel leader and are then tasked to go after the people responsible for his capture and torture, La Yuri and El Polito. Once the two are eliminated, the team continues to dismantle the Cartel systematically, eventually attracting the attention of El Sueño himself.

The drug lord eventually reaches out to the Ghosts and arranges a meeting, though he is nowhere to be found when the team arrives. He offers the Ghosts positions within his organization, but they refuse.

After further dismantling the Cartel, Nomad is contacted by Pac Katari, who wishes to meet with the Ghosts. When the team gets to the rendezvous point, however, they find no signs of Katari and instead see the dead body of Amaru. Suspicious, Nomad contacts Bowman to arrange a meeting with the rebel leader, though she mysteriously goes into radio silent.

Operation Watchman

Nomad and his team are called in by Bowman to assist Sam Fisher, who has been deployed in Bolivia to recover sensitive intelligence stolen by a rogue CIA agent who plans on selling it to Unidad at their FOB in La Cruz. Sam goes in before Nomad's team arrives and eliminates the rogue agent, he then accesses the servers to eliminate traces of the sensitive intelligence as Nomad and his team acts as rear security. They group later on escape, on asking Sam about the sensitive intelligence, Sam says that the intelligence was about advanced technology that can change the nature of warfare itself and can also end the special forces business for good. Sam and Nomad rally at a nearby Safe House and meet up with Bowman who informs Sam about a message from the Joint Chiefs of Staff regarding a theft of a nuclear component. Sam compliments Nomad on his skills and abilities as Nomad and his team head out to continue their operations.

Operation Silent Spade

During the mission, Lieutenant Colonel Scott Mitchell (call sign: Griffin) was sent to oversee the operation of gathering intelligence on the cartel and Unidad activities, as Washington had suspected them working with Russian nationalists, alongside John Kozak (call sign: Little Brother), who is one of the sharpest yet youngest recruits which was described by Mitchell whom he had been telling himself that he was just cocky.

When he infiltrated M.O.B Condor near Media Luna province, Kozak found out that Unidad had been shipping uranium found beneath Bolivia's mines to the Russians. Nomad was sent in to help Kozak stop the shipments from reaching their destination. On their way, Kozak disliked the call sign and suggested being called “Spade”, but Nomad still disagrees.

BASE jumping to the Unidad base, his team met Kozak wearing and using the prototype optical camouflage installed on his suit by Skell Technology for easy infiltration and field test it at the same time. Next, they made their way to the pilot of a helicopter carrying a cargo of uranium, who gave them access to the helicopter, with Kozak protesting Nomad's rough treatment of the pilot and suggesting he could have interrogated him due to him being able to speak Russian.

After making their way to the helicopter, they flew through the canyons of the province in order to avoid nearby surface-to-air emplacements and nearly getting blown off the sky by incoming Unidad helicopters, the crew made their way back to Mitchell, with them finding out that not all the uranium was on the helicopter they just delivered home.

As such, the Ghosts made their way to an informant inside a rusty freight train cart in Inca Camina freight yard, who gave them intelligence that the cartel was going to set off a dirty bomb on a truck in the main town of Barvechos in order to spread chaos due to the citizens for helping the rebels. Making their way to the blast zone, the Ghosts cleared off the hostiles while Kozak attempted to disarm the bomb, but to no avail. With no way to disarm the bomb but delaying it for a minute, Nomad took the truck carrying the bomb and drove it off into a nearby quarry (technically Barvechos Mine after Karen google mapping the correct place) in order to safely detonate the payload, quickly escaping the truck before the explosion occurred.

Moments later, Mitchell contacted Nomad that he was glad the mission's result is a good job which could have been really messy, thus saying Nomad's “Bolivian vacation” hadn't turned soft and would be in touch. After that, Kozak told Nomad that he had done a nice work and saved the whole village like a real hero. Nomad responded that Kozak could take the next one. Still, the young recruit admitted that the mission was too close and almost got themselves killed, which he might not be cut out for this. Nomad said close calls were part of the game because completing the mission was all that matters. Finally, he told the recruit not to worry, there would be plenty more chances to prove himself.

Operation Oracle

Nomad's team would be called by Karen Bowman to extract Skell Technology's R&D Technical Director, Daniel Rodriguez Arellano, who has been arrested by Unidad. The asset has knowledge of sensitive American industrial secrets that must be protected.

They meet Major Cole D. Walker, a fellow Ghost Team Leader with his own agenda. He found out that Daniel was the one who designed those Skell Tech's drones for Unidad. Then, Unidad modified and weaponized them which killed Walker's teammates, Sergeant Major Jeffery K. Griffin and Master Sergeant Alejandro J. Sanchez. 

After extracting Daniel to the safe house, Nomad intercepted a call from Bowman to the Skell Tech engineer through the drone. But before he can tail the engineer, he meets up with Walker and tries to reason with him to not try to kill Bowman for the loss of his teammates. Thanks to Walker's tracker he put into Daniel, Nomad finds out that the engineer sold out Bowman to Unidad, so he can get his passports to leave Bolivia. Walker kills Daniel, which upsets Nomad. Nevertheless, they get to M.O.B Jaguar and find Bowman tied up and extract her to a nearby rally point. 

During the argument between Bowman and Walker, Nomad convinces Walker to see reason. Knowing that he trusts Nomad, Walker lets Bowman live but warns her that he'll be coming to collect the debt if she tries to stray one iota from the side of right. While glad that it didn't turn messy, Nomad understands the loss that Walker has been through and doesn't blame him for his anger.

Operation Fallen Lord

After their mission is over and Santa Blanca has splintered, Nomad and the team were redeployed a few months later to Bolivia to rescue the compromised CIA agents, but their helicopter is shot down, and they must survive against a powerful mercenary group, Los Extranjeros.

They rescue agent Socrates, who is in the absence of contact with Bowman, acts as their handler.

Eventually, Nomad and his team manage to survive and take down the mercenary group's senior officers and its main leader. They then left Bolivia for good.

Pre-Operation Greenstone

On February 22, 2022, Nomad and Walker along with several Ghosts were deployed in the Middle East running counter-terrorism operations. Although wounded and bleeding, he still kept on firing his assault rifle, while Walker used his right hand to pull him to the nearest building for safety with his left hand while firing his unique revolver.

Operation Greenstone

Nomad in 2025

In 2025, Auroa, which is the new home of Skell Technology, was mysteriously cut off from the world after a naval cargo ship, the USS Seay, mysteriously sunk near the archipelago. With allegations being raised towards the company, the U.S. government decided to send in the Ghosts. Mitchell and CIA Deputy Director Peter Miles sent in Nomad, now promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and leader of 32 Ghosts, which include his team and three other teams.

Their mission was to investigate the island and, if possible, extract Jace Skell. On board the USS Wasp, Nomad and the 32 Ghosts were deployed to the island by helicopters. However, they were taken out by a drone swarm and Nomad, HoltVasily, Fixit, Fury and two male Ghosts were the sole survivors, while Weaver was killed and Midas went missing. He and the survivors were hunted down by Walker, who led a group of rogue Ghosts and military specialists known as the Wolves. Nomad and the Ghosts found shelter at Erewhon, which was home to the Homesteaders, who were led by Mads Schulz, an ex-Marine.

Nomad managed to find another Ghost, Josiah Hill. Then Nomad found Jace Skell who had gone into hiding. After securing him, he was attacked by Walker and Hill, who has defected to Walker's side. Nomad managed to escape along with Skell to Erewhon. Skell then formulates a plan to take down the drone control program. Along the way, Nomad solely helped out key Skell Tech employees while eliminating Sentinel commanders and Walker's elite lieutenants.

Later on, Nomad managed to track down Walker and killed him at his hideout. He then deactivated the control program by uploading Skell's virus, taking down a sector of drones protecting the island and even stopping Walker's plan which involved using autonomous drones to kill world leaders that were about to be deployed by missiles launched from a nearby submarine.

Operation Checkmate

While at Erewhon, Holt informs Nomad about Victor Coste visiting the island. Nomad tracks down Victor to a harbor, who informs Nomad of Sam being at Auroa investigating the island. Nomad rendezvous with Sam, who informs him about the happenings in Auroa. He informs Nomad about a HVT called 'The Strategist' who has been kidnapping military specialists around the world for a program call “Project CLAW”. They later on discover that Midas was captured by the HVT. Sam and Nomad then team up to infiltrate the research facility where the HVT is located at. Nomad disables the drone swarm system to clear the way for the C-147B Paladin to enter Auroa airspace, while he later on takes out Project CLAW and apprehends the HVT. Sam then assures that he will present the HVT to the right people and that cavalry will invade Auroa soon as he and Victor Coste escape via the Paladin. Nomad manages to rescue Midas and safely brings him back to Erewhon.

Operation Red Patriot

After killing Walker, he is contacted by Colonel Scott Mitchell who briefs him on ex-Ghost Trey Stone and his relations with the Russian ultranationalist group Raven's Rock, which is received from the FSB. According to the FSB intelligence, Stone is helping Raven's Rock to launch a coordinated terrorist attack on the United States using Skell Tech's stealth drones that can disperse nerve gas. Nomad is tasked by Mitchell to hunt down key Raven's Rock, Sentinel and Wolf Lieutenants and gather further intelligence, but is unable to send in reinforcements. Nomad manages to track down and eliminate Raven's Rock leader, Major Pyotr Bukharov. Then Nomad manages to bait Stone into revealing his location, killing the Sentinel CEO in the process. He then self-destructs the production facility for the drones being prepared for the terrorist attack. He informs Mitchell about Stone's death and the destruction of the drone production facility, who assures him that the mission is over and that he and the remaining Ghosts should wait for extraction.

Operation Motherland

3 Months after the Events on Auroa involving Nomad, he was ordered back to Auroa by Karen Bowman, who had already instructed him in Operation Kingslayer. Bowman reported to Nomad that she had fixed her reputation after the Incident in Bolivia. She briefed Nomad on what was happening on Auroa. The Remainings of Ravens Rock, the Bodark, had taken control of both Sentinel and the Wolves. They had subsequently defeated the Outcasts and took over Auroa.

Nomad and his Team arrived back on Auroa and began searching for Haruhi Ito, Leader of the Outcasts, discovering that the Main Base of the Outcasts, South Cape Station had been raided and destroyed by the Bodark. Nomad rescued Ito and joined her continued War against the Bodark. After retaking the Capital Liberty, Ito, Bowman and Nomad made out, that there three Regions of Auroa, each made up three provinces. Each Region was headed by a Bodark Commander. Its Nomads Choice either to kill or to capture these Commanders after taking over all of their respective Region.

After either killing or capturing all the Commanders, Nomad is sent to Golem Island, to take out the Leader of the Bodark, a former Russian Oligarchess known as Katya Maksimova . Nomad and his Team disrupt her Operations on Golem Island and prevent her from fleeing. Before confronting Maksimova in her Last Stand, Nomad is ordered by Bowman to kill her, while Ito wants Nomad to capture Maksimova so that the Outcasts can put her on Trial for her crimes against Auroa. If Nomad decides to capture Maksimova, Ito will name him a true friend and protector of Auroa. She will be disappointed if Nomad kills Maksimova. Nomads Response to either Bowman or Ito depends on the Players Choice.



  • Nomad is a Major in the U.S. Army and to this date is the only Major to be a field operative along with Cole D. Walker in Wildlands. And might also be the second Lieutenant Colonel to be a field operator, while Buzz Gordon was the first.
  • He speaks fluent Spanish, but his accent has been known to be poor.
  • He's an expert in communications as well as psychological and unconventional warfare. He is also a weapons specialist.
  • He has a son and two daughters, both of which are heading to university.
  • His weapons of choice are seen in Wildlands, both the cutscenes and artworks: His first signature weapon is the Stoner LMG A1 with a dark tan sling, a standard (100 round) 5.56 ammo box, foregrip V2, standard barrel, stock muzzle, folding iron sight [front & rear], and EXPS-3 holographic sight with 3x G33 magnifier (though the game only has the EXPS-3 without the magnifier available for machine guns). He has a tan colored ACR with an EXP3 holographic sight, extended buttstock, standard barrel, and extended magazine fully loaded with 50 rounds. As well as a stock black colored M9 pistol loaded 15-rounds in its magazine.
  • The First In-game models of Nomad featured an Under Armour hat similar to his final concept design instead of his iconic Blue Spartan hat, These can be Spotted in the White Hat trailer and in a loading screen featuring Nomad sitting in the Trunk of a Path Keeper
  • He is troubled by the fact that he has to keep his true occupation in the military a secret from his family, especially his son, but respects and holds its secrecy without falter.
  • He hasn't seen The A-Team.
  • He considers Operation Kingslayer to be a revenge mission first and foremost and hopes to avoid getting involved in local politics.
  • He highly distrusts the CIA and the socialist rebels, which he trades jokes with Bowman about being old-fashioned.
  • When during some missions went sour in Operation Kingslayer, his quote is mostly “Shitballs!”.
  • His 4 main weapons in Breakpoint are the SIG516 Assault Rifle, the M4 Super 90 Shotgun, the P320 Handgun, and the KABAR Knife.
  • While his 516 and PMAG are in black color, the stock, EXPS 3 scope + 3x Magnifier, ATPIAL Laser on the top rail, Rail Vertical Grip and Chimera 300 silencer are in A-TACS AU Camo paint. His Benelli M4 Super 90 is in black color. His P320 handgun's body color is Black, while the slide color is Flat Dark Earth. His KABAR Knife's handle color is Classic Leather Brown.
  • After finishing Breakpoint's “Project Titan” raid, the 516 in game known as the Koblin is finally shown as Nomad's signature assault rifle. Highly accurate and agile.
  • During all Ghost Recon Breakpoint cutscenes, it only shows Nomad using a P227 pistol.
  • Nomad has been seen in Promo material after Project Titan’s launch to wear a Fixed Red T-Shirt instead of his tattered one he wore when his chopper initially crashed on the island.


  • Nomad is one of the four Ghost characters in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Players can customize the looks for Nomad and the weapons they carry.
  • Nomad is the player character in singleplayer mode and is canonically male, but can be edited to be male or female.
  • Male Nomad is voiced by Joseph May, while Female Nomad is voiced by Andrea Deck. However, in Breakpoint, Male Nomad is replaced by Alex Mallari Jr, while Female Nomad is replaced by Alix Wilton Regan.
  • In Narco Road, the player character is a completely new, unnamed Ghost, rather than Nomad.
    • Despite this, the unnamed Ghost is still voiced by Joseph May and Andrea Deck.
  • Although players retake control of Nomad for the Fallen Ghosts expansion, they must re-create their character for the DLC.
  • Nomad's facial model is Joel Hicks, who is recently known for being the facial model for Resident Evil: Village's Karl Heisenberg.

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