Old Town is the first co-op campaign mission conducted by the Ghosts.

The Ghosts are deployed in the city of Leon, with orders to make contact with local troops and then move to evacuate US citizens.


Welcome to Nicaragua, Ghosts. With most of our forces busy with the situation up north in Mexico, we are spread thin here with the recent rebel uprising. Link up with friendly forces, and assess the situation on the ground.

Map Features

Modern times are slowly creeping into Old Town, as evidenced by the construction on the north side of the map that is slowly enveloping the parks and cobblestone streets that once hosted thriving businesses. Now, the Old Town area is more of a tourist zone, full of outdoor dining and lovely plazas. But because of the rebellion uprising, the streets of Old Town are now empty of civilians and host only Ghosts and rebels, locked in struggle.

Mission Objective

The main thrust of the mission is to push across the map northward, clearing out every single rebel patrol you can locate. At times, the rebellion pushes back - and pushes back hard. At other times, you and your fellow soldiers try to track down one or two sneaky rebels hiding in a corner, just waiting for you to let your guard down for one second. That’s all it takes, so never give them the chance.



GRAW - Campaign - Mission 01 - Old Town


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