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The Original Billy Bad-ass himself, Sam Fisher, is in La Cruz. He needs your help with something extracurricular. Follow his lead, and I'd advise you to stay on his good side.
- Karen Bowman giving mission debriefing to Nomad.

Operation: Watchman is a unique mission located in La Cruz. It is unlocked when the player first arrives in the province.


Sam Fisher is deployed to Bolivia in order to recover sensitive intelligence data from a rogue CIA officer. Fisher has Fourth Echelon contact Karen Bowman and borrow the Ghost team to assist in his mission. Fisher's deployment takes him to a La Unidad base in La Cruz, where he infiltrates the base ahead of the Ghost team and assassinates the rogue agent prior to their arrival.

Upon greeting Nomad, Fisher hacks into the Unidad servers in order to erase all traces of the sensitive information from Skell Technology while Nomad's team provides backup. While ex-filtrating from the base, Fisher reveals that the intelligence is data on sensitive research and development that could "change the future of warfare". Fisher has a debriefing with Bowman before deploying for his next mission to recover missing nuclear devices.


With your help, Sam Fisher was able to steal back stolen government secrets regarding cutting edge, lethal technology.
- Bowman