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Jace Skell hired Trey Stone's Sentinel Corp. to run security on Auroa to take care of the Outcasts problem. But when Skell rebelled against Peter Miles, Stone instigated a plan to isolate and take over Auroa: Operation Citadel. Fearing the impact of a sloppy operation on his career, Miles insisted on a clean takeover, without bloodshed. It was crucial to him that Stone and Cole D. Walker work hand-in-hand.

Project Omega[]

After the Outcasts' bombing of the Skell Foundation Head Office, Jace Skell wanted to bring more security on the island, together with the help of Sentinel. As part of that deal, Lieutenant Colonel Cole D. Walker was brought in as a military advisor for Skell Technology, to further improve the combat prowness of the drones. As such, Project Omega was initiated, to develop next generation combat drones to secure peace with maximum efficency.

However, Skell had no idea of the conspiracy that was seeding behind the curtains, with Sentinel and Walker wanting to test the drones out of boundries. After the drones were limitedly tested in South America with relative success, though with reports of collateral damage, Jace Skell realized the dangers of his creations and rebelled against Walker and Sentinel. Skell disappeared and while in his absence, Walker continued his work toward his LINCHPIN project as well as world peace by force, the Wonderland. Sentinel attempted to ship out the drones abroad, but Jace Skell managed to access the Legion swarm remotely to sink the cargo vessel shipping the drones, which promptly caused the US to start investigating what was happening in the archipelago.

Fearing for the exposure of the conspiracy, Peter Miles authorized Operation Citadel by locking down the entire archipelago under martial law to prevent the secret from going out. Ghost Recon command however wanted to send a task force of Ghosts to investigate the communications blackout, so Miles authorized Operation Greenstone in the hopes that the occupying forces will stop the Ghosts from discovering anything, and to test the newly founded Wolves. As a result, the helicopters were ambushed upon contact with the archipelago with almost all but a few Ghosts remaining alive at the end.


Day 1, HOUR 0
Sentinel takes over Auroa's main data center, cuts access to the web by severing ocean-bottom cables and takes control of all centers with satellite communication. Next, they seize the control tower of Auroa's only airport, while agents simultaneously lock down the harbor master's office, cutting off communications with worldwide sea traffic and effectively trapping everyone on the archipelago.

Day 1. HOUR 1
Signal-jamming drones swarm the skies and Ayana Puri broadcasts an alert on all Auroan media. She informs the populace of Jace Skell's abduction, and urges them to comply with Sentinel Corp. She assumes effective control of Skell Tech.

All defense and surveillance measures are now fully active. The sea around the archipelago is monitored and anti-aircraft missile batteries are deployed. Legion interceptor drones are launched all over the archipelago.

The ship USNS Seay is destroyed by Legion drones (Skell used them to call for help by destroying the cargo ship to get the US sending aid to occupy Auroa) as it attempts to leave the area carrying sensitive information.

In response to the ship's sinking, the US Navy establishes a surveillance zone around Auroa. Long range reconnaissance aircraft monitor the area alongside a nuclear submarine.

A cruiser and two destroyers are put on standby 200 nautical miles from Auroa. On the CIA's recommendation, international naval and air authorities prohibit ships and planes from approaching within 300 nautical miles(or 370.4 km). Several teams of Ghosts are dispatched to Auroa as Operation Greenstone.