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Operation: Fallen Lord was a military operation conducted by the Ghosts shortly after the events of Operation: Kingslayer. With the CIA having suffered a massive data breach, the Ghosts were deployed to Bolivia to evacuate the compromised CIA agents and remaining American civilians from the Los Extranjeros.


Having successfully disrupted the cocaine trade and decapitated Santa Blanca leadership during the events of Operation: Kingslayer, the fragile truce between remaining elements of Unidad and Santa Blanca collapsed into open conflict. Additionally, having betrayed their American allies, the deaths of Pac Katari and other major Kataris 26 leaders resulted in major infighting as different factions vied for control over the nation's lucrative cocaine trade.

With deaths rising and public pressure mounting, the beleaguered Bolivian government made a desperate bid to rebuild its once-powerful Unidad tactical police unit. Recruiting foreign special forces units and mercenaries from across South America, the arrival of the Los Extranjeros quickly usurped and absorbed the remnants of the badly gutted and corrupt Unidad. Brutally suppressing the burgeoning Kataris 26 rebellion, Santa Blanca forces were offered positions within the PMC in exchange for assistance in restarting its cocaine production. Some accepted, and those that refused were quickly wiped out or forced into hiding into their individual fiefdoms.

Having subsequently restored order, the Los Extranjeros instead quickly replaced the Santa Blanca Cartel and restarted cocaine production. Powerless, the Bolivian government was forced to accede to their demands. Concurrently, with the increase in violence, nearly all Americans were ordered to leave the country to avoid danger and prior to the arrival of the Los Extranjeros, the only remaining Americans still in-country were undercover CIA agents and NGO workers.

Shortly after, during the events of Operation: Narco Road, the CIA suffered a major data breach as cartel forces were able to infiltrate its headquarters. This resulting leak compromised the identities of nearly every single undercover CIA operative still in Bolivia, as Los Extranjeros forces mobilized in response to hunt them down. At the request of the CIA, the United States Joint Special Operations Command re-deployed the Kingslayer Team back into Bolivia, having only recently returned to the United States following the success of Operation: Kingslayer.

Operating under their Kingslayer handler Karen Bowman, the team's helicopter was immediately beset by surface-to-air missiles installed by Los Extranjeros forces. Crash landing somewhere in the Eastern Precinct, the Kingslayer team quickly realized that they were cut off from Command. With little resources available, team leader Nomad ordered the continuation of the mission, rescuing captured CIA agent Socrates from custody. Owing to their superior training and equipment, Nomad and Socrates determined that evacuating the compromised agents would be impossible. Instead, the duo decided instead to target the commanders in an effort to cripple cocaine production and weaken the coordination between the different provinces. Additionally, Socrates suggested that the Kingslayer team assist the remnants of the Kataris 26 in rebuilding its forces much to the dismay of Nomad, still bitter over their betrayal mere months ago.

Regardless, the Kingslayer team pursued their objectives, successfully revitalizing the floundering Kataris 26 and eliminating all three provincial commanders. Having been alerted to the major disruptions occuring within the countryside, Colonel Juan Ignacio Merlo, the head of Los Extranjeros returned from the capital in an effort to take command of his depleted forces. Seizing the opportunity, the Kingslayer Team successfully infiltrated his headquarters and assassinated him.

Fractured and leaderless, Los Extranjeros quickly crumbled into infighting as it tore itself apart. In the resulting chaos, the compromised CIA agents were able to flee the country, with authorities too preoccupied attempting to resolve the increased violence. With their work done and nearly all American agents and civilians having departed from Bolivia, the Kingslayer Team alongside Socrates were able to re-establish communications with Bowman who promptly deployed a helicopter to evacuate the group. Informing the group of their actions, the revelation of Los Extranjeros crimes resulted in a major political upheaval that promptly collapsed the Bolivian government. Questioning their actions, the Kingslayer Team were finally able to leave the war-torn Bolivia.