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Operation Greenstone is a Ghost Recon operation that takes place during the events of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Operation Briefing

In 2025, shortly after the takeover of the Auroa Archipelago by Trey Stone's Sentinel, Cole D. Walker's Wolves and Bodark, Jace Skell was forced to go into hiding. However, with Sentinel forces jamming most communications to the outside world, Skell resorted to desperate measures and directed the few remaining drones still under his command to sink the nearby naval cargo ship, USS Seay, in the hopes of provoking a United States military intervention as well as to prevent any drones being deployed abroad.

However, political maneuverings and moles within the US government successfully convinces the President to instead deploy a platoon of Ghosts to investigate the island, with the intention of wiping out the elite unit upon arriving at the island. With this, under the direction of the Central Intelligence Agency, the President was manipulated by Senator Lomax to appoint CIA Deputy Director Peter Miles to co-lead the operation. Reluctantly agreeing, Ghost Recon Commander Colonel Scott Mitchell appoints Lt. Colonel Anthony "Nomad" Perryman to lead the 32 men and women onto the island. Departing upon the USS Wasp, the Ghost Platoon was divided into 4 teams, arriving at the island roughly a week after Sentinel's takeover.

However, having been conducting experiments with the "Wonderland" Project, Miles and Senator Lomax grew concerned that their involvement in the conspiracy would be exposed. In response, the two men quietly alert Stone and Walker, who promptly mobilize their occupying forces in anticipation of the inevitable Ghost assault. During the preparation of their assault, Walker covertly communicated with Josiah Hill, who while reluctant to join his cause initially, nevertheless kept the rest of his comrades in the dark about the matter, hoping to investigate further once they arrived on the island.

Among the known named Ghosts that participated in Operation: Greenstone included: Nomad, Holt, Midas, Weaver, Vasily, Fury, Fixit and Josiah Hill. The identities of the remaining 24 Ghosts remained unknown.

Events of the Operation

Having arrived roughly a week after Sentinel's takeover, the Ghost Platoon deployed from USS Wasp during the evening. Deploying in 4 Gyps helicopters, the platoon was ambushed when Sentinel deployed a swarm of Legion drones. Within minutes, all of the Ghost helicopters were brought down, with many operators dying or suffering grievous injuries. Deployed to hunt their former comrades, the Wolves began systematically eliminating the few unlucky operators that were wounded. With most of his unit injured but still active, Weaver attempted to establish a defensive perimeter, with the hopes of rallying the few remaining survivors to their location. Among the few to respond to their mayday call was Nomad, who narrowly survived the crash landing. However, badly wounded, Nomad arrived too late to assist his subordinates as he witnessed Walker execute Weaver and his unit.

With communications jammed and opposition forces now aware of their presence, the few remaining Ghosts scattered across the island quickly fled to makeshift safe houses. During the chaos, Holt was narrowly rescued by the Outsiders, who brought him and two of his men back to their hideout in Erewhon. Josiah Hill, having survived, similarly fled to a nearby safe house where Walker awaited. Having explained his reasons for defecting, Hill readily agreed to defect, however, Walker requested that he remain with the Ghosts temporarily, hoping to convert Nomad as well. Midas, who had been badly wounded, was able to evade the occupying forces for a time, but was captured by Sentinel forces and subjected to testing under Project CLAW. Several grievously wounded Ghosts were similarly captured and subjected to the same experiments for most of the operation.

Having scavenged a working radio, Nomad was able to get in touch with Maria Schultz, who quickly directed him to Erewhon as they sought to rally the remaining Ghost survivors. As he arrived in Erewhon, Nomad linked up with Holt and his surviving unit. Having learned about the takeover, Nomad formulated a deal with Mads Schultz, the leader of Erewhon. In exchange for a way off the island, Mads would allow all surviving Ghost personal to seek safety in Erewhon. Sending a distress call to the still scattered Ghosts, Hill was able to make contact with Nomad. Immediately departing, Nomad discovered Hill holed up in the swamps, with the latter informing the former of Walker's role in the hostile takeover. Angered, Nomad departed, and Hill agreed to initiate further intelligence gathering of the Wolves now hunting the Ghosts.

Over the course of the next few days, Nomad began conducting major raids against Sentinel forces, allowing Erewhon forces to gain a foothold throughout the island. Additionally, several of the surviving Ghosts including Vasily, Fury and Fixit linked up with each other, and eventually made their way to Erewhon.

Initially targeting several Sentinel outposts, the Ghosts began escalating their attacks. Increasingly targeting Wolf forces, the Ghosts were able to safely extract several high-level Skell employees including its CEO Jace Skell from the hands of Walker. During Nomad's rescue, he discovered that Hill had aligned himself with Walker, much to his displeasure. Discovering Stone and Walker's intentions with Project Wonderland, Nomad and Mads reluctantly cooperated with Skell to disable the drone control program. Over the course of the campaign, the Ghosts successfully disrupt attempts to deploy the drones via a submarine across the globe, much to the frustration and displeasure of Walker and Stone as tensions between the two men grew. Eventually having discovered that only key Sentinel commanders knew of Walker's location, Nomad sought their location, successfully interrogating the commanders and discovering their location. Receiving assistance from the Outcasts, Nomad initially agreed to assist their guerrilla war against Sentinel. However, having discovered that the Outcasts were responsible for the deaths of several Skell employees and the subsequent Sentinel occupation, the Ghosts grew disgusted at their actions and cut ties with the group.

As Nomad and his Ghosts launched their assault on Walker's position, the remaining Wolves on the island attempted to defend their commander. However, their attempts were defeated when Nomad was able to infiltrate the facility and eliminate Walker. However, prior to his death, Walker alerted Nomad to the Wonderland project. With the assistance of Skell and several other tech employees, Nomad was able to deactivate the Legion drones patrolling the skies above the island. However, despite facing a major setback following Walker's death, Stone and Sentinel still remained a potent fighting force as they began rallying their forces once more to begin a major counter-attack.

As Nomad and his unit returned to Erewhon to celebrate, the group noticed that the drones were self-conducting themselves in an alarming rate. Additionally, with the drones expressing sentience, Nomad and his unit were unable to leave the island to request further assistance from the Wasp, and continued their efforts in combating the remaining Sentinel and Wolves forces still active on the island.

As further attempts by outside forces to enter Auroa largely deterred by the drone swarm patrolling the island, Nomad and his unit continued launching attacks against remaining Wolves and Sentinel personnel on the island.

Operation Deep State

Sometime during this period, Sentinel hired the private military company Paladin Nine Security to provide further logistical assistance towards the beleaguered occupying forces. As the kidnapping of military specialists grew, Paladin 9's CEO, Victor Coste grew suspicious of his employer and notified his friend, Fourth Echelon Commander/Agent Sam Fisher. At the request of the CIA and Department of Defense, their investigation resulted in the discovery of "The Strategist", a key figure in Project CLAW. With assistance from Coste, Fisher was able to infiltrate the island, reuniting him with Nomad, whom he had not seen since Bolivia in 2019.

Discovering that Midas was still alive, Nomad readily agreed to assist Fisher, during which, their investigation led to the discovery of "The Strategist's" true identity: Leon Fairrow. Storming Project CLAW's research facility, Nomad and his unit fought off waves of drones as Fisher successfully captured Fairrow, rescuing Midas in the process. Shortly after, with assistance from system analyst Hollie McKenzie, Fisher and Coste manage to evacuate onboard the C-147B Paladin with Fairrow in-tow and force him to testify before Congress; in the hopes that his testimony will convince them to officially launch a US military invasion of Auroa to remove Sentinel from the archipelago.

Operation Red Patriot

Weeks later, despite the damning congressional testimony from Fairrow, the President faced major congressional push-back, with many unwilling to authorize the President to deploy troops to Auroa. In response, the President privately orders Ghost Recon commander Scott Mitchell to conduct operations within the archipelago. With this, Mitchell re-establishes contact with his stranded Ghost Platoon, and informs them that with the failure of Wonderland and Project CLAW, Stone grew desperate for resources and allied with the remnants of Raven's Rock and its Bodark unit. Angered at the constant US interference with his operations, Stone and Raven's Rock developed Operation Kingmaker, with the intention of eliminating the nation's leadership to allow the operation's mole to ascend to the Presidency. Tasking his stranded unit to thwart the operation, Nomad is able to eliminate most of Bodark and Raven's Rock, before tracking Stone to a Skell Tech factory. Discovering his intention to wipe out the archipelago, the timely intervention from the Outcasts allowed Nomad to eliminate Stone and self-destruct his drones. With Walker and Stone dead as well as the finansical backers abroad arrested, the Wonderland Conspiracy was over.

Operation Amber Sky

With Sentinel forces on the island now leaderless and virtually all forms of funding cut off, elements of Sentinel forces developed a chemical weapon, dubbing it "Amber Rain", with the intention of selling it to outside forces. Having discovered its existence, Rainbow deployed several of its operatives to the island in an effort to destroy all sources of the gas. Encountering Nomad and his unit, both groups mutually agreed to assist each other, eventually destroying the toxic gas.

Operation Motherland

After dealing with all the major threats on the island, Nomad was able to extract out of Auroa together with all the surviving Ghosts. However, the archipelago was still under martial law with the Skell's works at anyone's fingertips. The archipelago became the target for a race against time for anyone to get their hands on the technology left behind. Secretly, with the finansical backing of a rogue Russian oligarch Katya Maksimova and her Bodark army, they were able to take hold of the archipelago in secret and partner up with the remains of Sentinel and the Wolves. CIA became informed of trouble against the Outcasts who were trying to establish a legitimate government on the archipelago. Karen Bowman was tasked to send Nomad once again to help the Outcasts win back the islands once and for all. However, after arriving back at the Outcasts camp, he found it completely ravaged by the Bodark. Bowman informed that the US cannot be seen involved and suggested Nomad should get out while he could, however he was determined to find out whether Ito was alive or not. Eventually Nomad was able to track Ito down and set to liberate Auroa once and for all.