Operation Kingslayer was an operation in which Ghost Recon took part in Bolivia in 2019. Operation Kingslayer is centered around the destabilization of the Santa Blanca Cartel and the capture or assassination of El Sueño, after a U.S. Embassy was bombed and a DEA agent was murdered.

Under the supervision of handler Karen Bowman, the Ghost team, led by Nomad, systematically took down cartel buchons and operation heads before facing El Sueño.

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On the forth week (27th) of July 2019, the U.S. Embassy at La Paz was bombed by the Santa Blanca drug cartel, leaving two Marine guards injured and a DEA agent kidnapped. The motive was to capture undercover DEA Agent Ricky Sandoval, who was later confirmed by the Ghosts to have been tortured and killed by El Sueño. The Santa Blanca cartel has turned Bolivia into a narco state and have crippled the government. The Bolivian government formed an anti-narco operations unit called La Unidad to counter the rising cartel, but the bloody battles were ending with more Unidad casualties than cartel, causing the President of Bolivia to make peace with the Santa Blanca Drug cartel under the orders for the cartel to keep casualties to a minimum. Their influence was spreading widely, and because of this, the US government was forced to take action. Therefore a Joint Operation of the CIA, DEA, and JSOC decided to send their elite covert operations unit, The Ghosts, into Boliva. In this operation they have the help of a rebel faction called Kataris 26, allowing them to take credit for Sueño's downfall when Kingslayer is complete.

"Midas: "How'd you get in-country? I flew in business class from Manaus (Brazil). Hey, I'm refreshed and ready for work, right?"
Weaver: "I just hitched rides from Barranco, Peru."
Midas: "How about you?"
Holt: "I got on board a bus in Jujay, Argentina and drank all the way to Villazon. Nobody wants to deal with a drunk on a bus."
— A conversation between Midas, Weaver and Holt.

Aftermath Edit

  • Operation Kingslayer is a success if the player takes down all the head members of the cartel and El Sueño is arrested.
  • The remaining members of the cartel are either arrested by Unidad forces or form new, smaller cartels amongst each other. Most notable of the new cartels are the Los Extranjeros, a growing group of ex Santa Blanca cartel members, mercenaries and ex soldiers.
  • El Sueño provides information about top terrorist heads and other notorious heads of other drug cartels, therfore turning him into an informant.
  • La Unidad is left defamed by the people of Bolivia and the region is left in a chaos.
  • The rebellion is crushed as the Kataris 26 are left without a leader.
  • CIA classified information is leaked and its assets in the country are compromised.