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Scott Mitchell aka. Griffin, leader of the Ghost Unit, is currently in Bolivia to run a critical operation. Get in contact with him as soon as possible.
- Mission Description

Operation Silent Spade is a unique mission located within Media Luna. It is unlocked when the player enters the province for the first time.


Colonel Scott Mitchell, the team's commanding officer, temporarily reassigns them from Operation Kingslayer for an internal Ghost operation. Having found evidence of Russian Ultranationalist Forces working with Santa Blanca to mine deposits of weapons-grade uranium in Bolivia, Mitchell orders the team to rendezvous with newest member of the Ghosts, John Kozak using Skell Tech's new optical camouflage tech at a Unidad base to prevent the Russians from leaving Bolivia with the uranium.

The mission is a success, but they soon discover that significant amounts of uranium are still unaccounted for. Nomad contacts Bowman, who leads them to a trainyard where the uranium was transported to. They learn that Santa Blanca plan to detonate a dirty bomb in Barvechos, a city that openly supports the rebels.

With Kozak's help, the team attempt to disarm the truck bomb but are ultimately unable to, forcing them to drive it off a cliff into a mining area. With the bomb dealt with and the uranium accounted for, Mitchell and Kozak left Bolivia.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands - Operation Silent Spade - Steal Helicopter Walkthrough


Uranium evidences recovered.
- Mission Description