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Ramiro Apaza Nieves, also known as "Pac Katari", is the leader of the Kataris 26. "Katari" is the name of the leader of a group of indigenous people of Bolivia. Ramiro believes he is a descendant of Túpac Katari.


When the Ghosts are deployed into Bolivia as part of Operation Kingslayer, Karen Bowman introduces them to Pac Katari, who briefs them on their mission. In order to gain the trust of the rebels, Nomad's team rescues Amaru, one of the founders of Kataris 26.

After much of the cartel is destabilized, Katari finds out that El Sueño is in Bolivia. Believing that it is his destiny to free his country without outside influence, he turns on the Ghosts and executes Amaru for "not believing strongly enough" in his vision. The Ghosts break through the rebel ranks and go to Sueño's mausoleum, only to discover that the cartel leader had beheaded him.


He is a charming and wise man who is in touch with the needs of his people. Acts with great respect for his land. Fair leader of resistance who listens to everyone. Is aware that he needs help to fight for and protect his people, but is not afraid to fight and bleed for what he believes in.

  • An eloquent speaker with a deep knowledge of indigenous history. Loved by people.
  • Claims to be the direct reincarnation of Túpac Katari, indigenous leader who raised 40,000 troops in November 15, 1781 to siege the Spanish-occupied La Paz. When captured by the Spanish, Katari's final words were " I die but will return tomorrow as thousands."
  • Lost his family in his war against the cartel. He can't come to terms with it.


  • Pac Katari is a natural born warrior who believes in the force of nature and the balance between good and evil. Ready to kill to defend and to die if the moment comes.
  • Katari means "Serpent, Large snake"
  • Although Pac Katari claims to be a descendant of Túpac Katari there is no actual evidence of him being a descendant of Túpac Katari. Nor is there any evidence that he is not a descendant.
  • Pac Katari is also a communist revolutionary. He and his rebels take inspiration from the likes of Ernesto Che Guevara, and Vladimir Lenin. This is referenced by one of the Ghosts in the very beginning of the campaign. "I tell you, I'm not comfortable working with Pac Katari and the rebels. Their ideology always ends up with more bodies in the ground."