Paik's Revenge is the fourteenth mission conducted by The Ghosts during the 2007 Korean war.


Thanks to your successful efforts over the past few days, the threat of a nuclear exchange has effectively been ended. All that's left is tying up one big loose end.

Right now, Paik is on the run. He's been branded a renegade by his fellow generals on the ruling committee, and been stripped of rank and authority. But he's been down before and come back, and he's still got a hard core of loyal followers. This time we need to make sure he doesn't get that chance.

Paik has gone into hiding with his die-hard followers, but we think we know where he is: up in the far north, into this fortress-like mountain base, here. It was originally designed to function as a remote command post for the North Korean Premier of Pyongyang were destroyed, but now it's Paik's last hiding place.

You'll be flown in under the cover of a blizzard, so the element of surprise will be on your side. Infiltrate the base and eliminate any resistance. Keep your eyes peeled: Paik has nothing left to lose, and we don't know the contents of that bunker. He still might have a nasty surprise in store before he's through.

With this one action, you can end this. Godspeed, and good luck.

Walkthrough Edit


The 4 men Ghosts fireteam are Scott Mitchell, Joe Ramirez, Mike Kim and Jennifer Burke.

The CH-47F Chinook appeared again in the cutscene. It is armed with 2 M240D machine guns while the right side gunner who is near the cockpit providing fire support against the North Korean soldiers to let the Ghosts escape before 3 M183 satchels blow off the nuclear warhead at the missile launch site.

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