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Predator” was the code-name for the four-man Ghost Team, led by Joe Ramirez in 2024.


Sometime in March 2024, elements of the United States intelligence community discovered a sizeable convoy in Nicaragua heading north. With its destination and contents of the convoy unknown, the CIA requested the assistance of Ghost Recon to intercept the convoy.

Deploying a squad of Ghosts under the command of Ghost Lead Joe Ramirez, the team intercepted the convoy at a mountain in Nicaragua, making short work of the convoy's security escort. Inspecting the convoy, Ramirez initially discovered an unarmed warhead alongside other munitions within the lead truck. Upon attempting to alert Colonel Scott Mitchell with the recent developments, Ramirez became distracted when he discovered that the warhead armed. Panicking, Ramirez desperately ordered his squad to flee the site when the bomb detonated. Unfortunately, the squad was too late, and the initial explosion killed most of the team. Ramirez however, initially survived the blast and held on to a ledge, unfortunately, the effects of the dirty bomb burned his arms, resulting in Ramirez tumbling off the cliff.

Scrambling a recovery team, Mitchell could only watch as his friend fell to his death. Eventually, the recovery team successfully recovered the bodies of the four deceased Ghosts, returning them to Fort Bragg. In response to this tragedy, Mitchell authorized the deployment of Hunter Team to hunt down the convoy's initial suppliers. This resulted in the discovery of Raven's Rock, and Hunter Team played a key role during the events of the organization's coup attempt.